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Abec11 Flywheels Longboard Wheels 83mm
Abec11 Flywheels Longboard Wheels 83mm
  • Size 83mm
  • Edge Rounded
  • Hub Center Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Abec11 Flywheels Longboard Wheels 83mm - SET OF FOUR



Out of Stock

Quick Overview

A big center set wheel that are great for high speed and burly setups!

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Abec 11 Flywheels 83mm Downhill wheels know no limits. Flywheels are a great choice for reaching super-high speeds on your DH setup and are getting lots of love from long-distance-push racers as well. Tank-like, oversized cores allow the Flywheels to be very predictable at high speed. The 83mm size doesn’t fit on every board, so be cautious of that when ordering. Flywheels are the flagship wheel line from Abec 11for a reason, the highest speed, most predictable DH wheel.

Hard ride
If you like the feel of 78a you better get these in 75a. My 78's are fast but the ride is a bit rough.
Diverse Wheels
These wheels will get you a lot of speed and hold up to a rough rode. I've been using them on my arbor axis for about 4 months (i ride almost every day.) If you wanna learn to slide, don't buy these wheels, however if you already know how, it is defiantly possible on these wheels once you break them in (a lot). I do a lot of stand up slides on these wheels even on smooth roads, but I'm sure i wake up my neighbors with the loud screeching sound it makes. Overall they're great wheels for cruising or if you wanna get a lot of speed, however it is not impossible to slide on them.
Grippy but questionable quality
Love how these grip. I usually roll these at 20+mph consistently and have yet to drift. Like others have said, they eat up cracks, rocks and sticks. On the downside, 2 of 4 have shown stress cracks in the hard plastic inner core in <6 months of light use (1-2x per month). Would I buy again? Likely. It's gummy goodness that can't be beat - besides, they're meant to be used. Nothing lasts forever.
I am seriously in awe of these awesome wheels. If you want to ride for a while and don't mind the height (disregard if you have a double drop, these rock with a double drop) look no further.
81a and 78a
Do you have these weels in 81 and 78a or just in 75a? When i try to by a complete Evo 75a is the only who comes up. Dan Loveland Writes- We were sold out of those wheels. I have added them back to the complete options.
I am not a huge fan of these wheels, sure the speed is great but they don't have much hold on the road. I always drift on these things coming around corners. Personally i prefer the gumballs or orangatangs over these. However, they do have a nice top speed but little control when taking corners at high speeds.
I had ridden kryptonic route 70's for 2 years before I finally got my downhill set up tuned in and bought these wheels. These wheels ROCK!! The 83mm is a wonderful size! Feels huge! But the roll speed and distance per push definitely increased!! Soooo much grip!! I have the 75a wheels and they are exactly what I was looking for! I kept hearing great things about the abec 11 i know why! It is glorious. Grips when you want it to grip...but even at 75a it will slide predictibly....couldnt ask for a better wheel!!! Thanks to Melanie and Daddies for the best service and suggestions anywhere on the web! I'll always be coming back!
I had these on my Landyachtz, evo, in 83mm 78a; before I switched them out for some 'Gumballs', in 76mm 78a. I felt the Flywheels drifted a little more than I felt was effective for speed around the turns. Also they are just slower in all variations of degrees on hills than my Gumballs. The Flywheels are still a good wheel. I think it just comes down to a matter of taste. Who knows, I might switch back some day as I develope as a rider.
The Best Of The Best
I have had abec11 flywheels 83mm 78a for a while now and I couldn't be happier. There drift is amazing and they are super fast too. I would never switch to a different wheel ever. You should defenitly buy these wheels. There the best of the best.
A really great wheel.
I have these in 78 durometer on a 40" Kracked Skulls board, Randal 180's with IDS OUST 7's. easy to push, great glide and rediculous on hills. wheels took much riding to break in for slides, but slide well although I wish I had gotten a harder duro.
Flatland destroyers!
It is painfull flat here in Miami Beach. I had a sector nine coconut board with 65mm 75a wheels. I drilled the board for a longer wheelbase and to fit these monsters lol. No bite with only a 1/4" riser. These roll over anything and carry me so much further on a single push. They get a ton of looks as I cruise Ocean Drive too :) I give them 5 stars. Nothing like a 30" board with 83's on it hahaha...lovin it
just got my flywheels in 78a and couldnt be happier with them. a little driftier than some other wheels ive ridden, but its great for my kebbek comishin. the speed is amazing, the traction is there for carving, and turns are drifty and predictable. buy these wheels!!!
Love 'em
Love these wheels! Gigantic without going to 97mm and 40 extra bucks. I have to say after getting to about 30 mph on 78a duro they drift a bit but the sheer speed is to die for! If you want a lil more grip, but a smaller wheel (harder ride) go for the gumballs but I find these grippy enough for me.
Great Wheels!
Okay, so I have these on my Evo. I have the 78a durometer. I like them a lot, I don't really have too many other wheels to compare it to, they aren't quite as sticky as the Sector 9 crappy wheels, but they drift real smoothly and predictably. They definitely aren't as drifty as the Orangatang Durians. But I have never lost control with these wheels and I have done some brutal stuff, so I recommend these wheels to people who like speed!
Noob Wheel (For longboarders)
People's first instinct when buying a speedboard, the evo in particular, is to buy the flywheels. If you inspire to be a great speedboarder, I suggest some Bigzigs. Flywheels do what they are meant to, but other wheels grip better and still have the ability to slide. With these wheels you are loosing grip to get a slide that isn't much better than any other wheel. On the other hand, I use these for my Luge, it is great. These things are great for speed. Get them for luges!!! I give 3 stars for longboarding and 5 stars for luge.
Very Fast
so fun you can do anything with these wheels
Great wheels
These wheels are great. They are pretty fast, and turn and drift very predictably. I have 'em on my Hellcat and they are wonderful.
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