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Abec11 Grippins Longboard Wheels 70mm
Abec11 Grippins Longboard Wheels 70mm
  • Size 70mm
  • Edge Square
  • Hub Center Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Abec11 Grippins Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR



Out of Stock

Quick Overview

An insanely fun wheel that is unique in shape! Grippy when you need it and easy to control in slides.

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The Abec 11 Grippin wheels pack tons of performance and durability while offering a smooth, grippy ride. Gippins work exceptionally well while carving on flexible boards. Get a softer duro for that “ride like my snowboard” feel or the harder duro for better sliding. Grippins can be used for Tight and Hybrid Slalom. They have centerset cores for optimal grip. Fast, smooth, and ultra high traction!

Soft, squishy, and unlock a slide when you need em.
These are really great wheels. There is a joke about them, that calls them "slippens" because they can unlock a slide very easily. That is one of the great advantages of this wheel if you drift. These wheels are nice and soft, and super squishy and give you a nice soft ride, but, they have that slide threshold, where when you need to do a Coleman slide to stop, or if you need to drift like during a nice downhill run or a parking lot ride, they give you a nice, stable, smooth drift, because of the centerset. Also, because they are centerset, you can reverse the wheels to keep an even wear.

They last a very long time too, and are super durable, I've had a pair on one of my boards for probably 8 years now, and it's the same exact set. They wear really well, and slide really well when you need to drift or stop, and the wheels are nice and fast with the centerset for carving. And grippy.
Thane, thane, thane.
Go with the 81a durometer. It's the perfect balance between grip/slip.


- Centre set
- Quiet
- Leave edible, green thane lines
- Have an satisfyingly smooth slide
- Grip when you want them to, slip when you want to impress that girl you keep running into but don't have the guts to talk to


- Uneven wear pattern when they're small
- Not the most durable/long lasting wheel
- Become a little bit icy when small
Been riding my 78as for close to a year now, they're amazing!
Grippy as hell but they slide like a dream when you need them to!
Name says it all!
Great wheel! Cant comment on the durability yet, only been riding them a few weeks, but they do what i bought them for. Put them on my 'surf' set up, sidewinders, and they can hold every turn i put on them. Got a solid roll to them as well when you get em going. Would recommend to a friend.
best wheel ive ridden so far
Ive ridden alot of different wheels in the 4 years ive been skating/longboarding and these definitely take the cake when freeriding, I got the 84a, 81a and 75a. 81 are veeeery predictable and super fun. Leave nice thane lines and slide for days. The 84 are less predictable and more icey but still pretty fun. The 75 are even more predictable than 81 but dont slide as long as the other duros, they leave fat thane lines and wear quickly. I recommend all the durometers as they're my favourite wheel ive ridden so far. GET THEM FOR GOOD PRICE FROM DADDIES!!
The 81a version is perfect. not only are they perfect for speed checks they grip around tight turns like their nothing...i would recommend these
Great but icy.
The grippins should be called slippins cause the slide very nice! I had a set of 84a and they slide nice but once you get down towards the core they get very icy (84a) and kinda suck. So if you get these go with the 81a
great wheels
i got the 84a's, THEY ARE AMAZING!! super smooth slides when broken in. iv had them for about a yea now and slide them like crazy, they've worn down about 1 cm. they break into slides easily, and hold out well.
So far so good!
Got them delivered to my door in Atlanta within two days from DBS! Thanks dudes!

Havent broken them in yet, hit the usual routine hills i have around me, a few 30mph ones, one of them with a sharp right turn, and this wheels grip like few others. I was planted completely. Have yet to slide them, because im just learning to, and apparently you have to break them in first. Oh, I got the 81a.

awesome wheels
get a pair of these i was very impressed with the smooth slides and the cheap prices but they do wear away
Witch hardness should I choose ??
Hi, I want to buy a board to cruise throughout the city on. We have not so nice streets and bumpy boardwalks. What level of hardness should I choose on the durometer ??? Dan Loveland Writes - I would go with the 78a durometer for the Grippins. The Grippins are super soft wheels due to the spooned out design. They tend to ride softer than the durometer says so I would go with 78a or 81a. You will get a better glide on the flats with 81a.
GREAT freeride wheels
i got these in 81a for freeride. these things are fricking amazing. i love the classic thane because the slide on any duro is soooooooooooo smooth. you can go do standies at 4am if you want to and not wake your neighbors up. they are centerset so you can flip them if they start to cone. these wheels are also cheap compared to orangatang.
Pretty darn good
I got these in the middle of summer and they are pretty nice (81a). Not the best but still very solid in performance. I would give them a 7.5/10 on grip and the same for sliding. They are very good for an all around wheel. You cant hold them out too long for standies but you can pre drift and do other slides without trouble. They also break in very fast and do not wear that fast. Although they do chunk a little bit, but its not bad at all. I like them a lot, but I would check out zig zags first. Happy Riding!
I ride 78a duro, and I was very pleased. They offer a very smooth ride with grip, but also slide very nicely. And they are center set! Definitely a 5 star wheel, and I think I am going to stick with these wheels. They are exactly what I want and need. And Daddies offers a very reasonable price for them! Haven't found them cheaper anywhere else! GET THEM NOW!
Im makin a cruising/carving board im wondering what would be better these or the Sector 9 75a Nineballs. Or anything else. If these what durometer would be good? i want somethin that can roll lots of things with good grip. Dan Loveland Writes - These will work good for you. I would go with the Grippins in a hard durometer like 81a or 84a so that you get a nice glide. The Grippins are really grippy and soft.
Just broken in a pair and they are crazy grippy! They tend to chatter in the slides but other than that I have no complaints.
how well do the 92a's slide
Just wondering how well the 92 a's slide compared to grip is this a good slide wheel. Dan Loveland Writes - I would not really recommend Grippins for slide wheels but the 92a will slide fairly easy and should give an ok ride.
These are really smooth. I got the softest type and they flow like j*zz. They grip really well and bend softly so when you make sharp turns, the wheels always stay on the ground so it has a lot of grip. The great thing is they are centered so if the wheel cones and you flip it around, its like new again so the wheel lasts twice as long as other types. These are my favorite wheels and they are really durable.
gippins gripping
these wheels are great for fast tight corners where grip is needed. they don't throw you into the air if you slightly drift and hook back up after a corner. BOSS!
These wheels are so tight they are gnarlyer than gnarly peace out
These wheels are so tight they are gnarlyer than gnarly peace out
Stick like glue.
These wheels really grip and unlike a lot of wheels they are center-set so you can flip them when they start to cone so they last a long time.
Hub Setting: Centered
What does "Hub Setting: Centered" mean? Dan Loveland Writes - "Centered Hub" means that the hub that the bearings sit in are centered onto the wheel. If the wheel has an offset hub you will see more material on one side of the wheel compared to the other. Centered wheels tend to spin faster and offset wheels tend to grip better. With the Grippins you get a centered hub wheel with huge lips on both sides so you get a fast wheel with killer traction. Happy skating!
When I got these wheels, I used them solely for bombing, as I had a set of wheels that I thought slid pretty well. These wheels grip like no other through the corners and ride extremely smooth, making commuting bearable. After several weeks of solely bombing, I decided to try to slide on them. Right off the bat, they slid like a dream. They slid so well, I hunkered down in my favorite sliding area and slid on them for ten hours in two days. The next day, I bombed a couple windy hills at about 35MPH and they still gripped like no other and rode extremely smoothly. These wheels + DBS Abec7 bearings = Awesome combo
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