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Abec11 Retro BertZ Skateboard Wheels 60mm 81a
Abec11 Retro BertZ Skateboard Wheels 60mm 81a
  • Size 60mm
  • Edge Rounded
  • Hub Center Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Sliding
  • Mini-Cruiser
  • Park Pool

Abec11 Retro BertZ Skateboard Wheels 60mm 81a - SET OF FOUR



Quick Overview

Get your retro shredding on! These fun wheels were made for the Lords of Dogtown movie!
If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Nothing's goes with a new set of wheels better than a fresh set of bearings. If you're not sure what bearings do, they're what makes the wheels (and the entire board) move. They fit tightly and stay inside the wheel hubs using pressure. All skateboard bearings are sold in sets of 8 (2 per wheel).

The Abec 11 Retro Bertz are a great all-around cruiser wheel for smaller skate setups. 81a is nice and soft for a smooth ride. A Blast from the past

Love at first slide
The thane lines are ungodly insane and the wheels are seriously constructed out of butter, buy this, buy this, buy this!
the retro bertz are a sick wheel they are so buttery and they thane more than any other wheel!
but they wear out really fast so pick up two sets
I love them , but does not last long :(
Cored these in two sessions, they r so buttery and very predictable. They are amazing but wear down fast. They also cone very really fast.
LOVE these wheels. super buttery and love the insane amounts of thane.the do not take long at all to break in. if you are looking for a buttery wheel and leaving thane behind, look no further!
awesome wheels
ok so first of all these wheels are actually sideset anyway they are the smoothest most buttery wheel ive ever ridden and for 30$ you cant go wrong although they do cone sorta easily and wear down pretty quickly but thats ok because the price is amazing also dont hold your slides at 90 and lock the wheels because i flatspotted mine doing that but anyway love these wheels buy them now
Best wheel
This wheel is amazing and I love It soooooooo much. It wears fast because of the small contact patch but it leaves monster golden thane lines and who doesn't love that buy this wheel it is the shit
So buttery
So buttery and thanes are amazing and they don't core super easy if your 100 or less and thx daddies for super fast shipping
So buttery
This wheels are amazing buttery and so thaney and I just broke them in they are amazing for long slides I did a lot and if ur under like 100 pound they don't core super easy I'm in luv and no flat spots either
These wheels leave nice gold thane but with all that thane equals lots of wear. After one run they were coned and after a week they were dead. The slide is amazing but if you want a wheel that will last I recommend something else. Great for learning slides or beginners.
These are the best wheels I've ver ridden, but they only lasted a few days. If you can afford to buy wheels often though I would stick with these.
best ever
I got these wheels three days ago and they are my absolute favorite wheels ever. They have nice a nice controllable slide and i have gotten my biggest standies on them. Mine thane a sick highlighter yellow. I also really love these wheels because I have had no problem with flat spotting. the only con to these are that mine are almost cored already after three days...
Fav wheel
I am speechless. I have five different sets of wheels and these are my fav. Don't listen to any bad reviews there are the best!!!
Leaves big thane that's orange its sick
favorite wheel
these are my favorite wheel on the market. I absolutely love them my wheels before these were "THESE". I would say they slide better than THESE and they thane like a boss. if you are skeptical about buying the retro bertz. get them they are amazing!!!!
Great all around wheels
These wheels have a great hookup and release. They just don't want to stop sliding! Very controllable wheel. The only bad thing I have to say about these is how fast they wear. I cored them in 3 sessions. They are not center set but they are easy to keep even. Make sure you aren't sliding at 90 too. Very easy to flat spot like I did. You can undo the flat spot though just by not sliding at 90. Overall great wheel. It would be better if they had a 70mm center set though.
slo freeride
i got them for freeride there awesome. good for slidin at slo speed. at fast speed they become icy. abec should make 78a. these wheel id buy over and over again
Good buttery wheels
The wheels are very predictably drifty, but ignore the hub; Bertz are actually sideset.
great wheel buy this wheel!!!!!!!
great slidey wheel great for sliding i would go downhill with it since its so small but buy it now
retro bertz
really nice wheel, super smooth,but core way to fast for someone who rides a lot
they slide perfect and are great for standies but they wear extremely quick and cone and flat spot very harshly so you have to flip your wheels almost every day you skate but i love the wheels for their price and they ride good! great all around wheels
Killer wheels!!
These wheels are super buttery I love them I got a bad batch so Iam leaving no thane what so ever but they are really nice they took some getting used to coming from a 75a Douro but I loved them buy a set right now they are superrrrr nice
Brillian wheels would defiantly recommend them ##pimp swag##
I've had mine for about 2 months now and just cored them. They leave bright yellow thane or and Ambery orange thane depending on the ground. The are a good wheel for a skater of any level. They don't cone, flat spot or egg much but they do I bit. You can slide them at very slow speeds really nicely and yet they still feel very stable at quite fast speed. The slide is very smooth and quiet. If I had to compare it to another wheel it would be vault fibre flex but a bit better.

The set up I'm running a rayne vandal with ronins or a comet shred with caliber it depends on what I'm doing.

I would defiantly recommend them.
Amber Lines Of Thane
These wheels are absolutely amazing. I was very skeptical at fist, but once broken in these leave really thick amber thane lines. So you can easily tell which badanus slides are yours. These wheels have very controlled slide at 81a and just dump thane. Great for the price.
Abec 11 Retro Bertz
Amazing... So easy to push slides into these wheels. Perfect for your double kick. I'm riding the retro bertz with my rayne renegade and it's possibly the best wheel on the market. These wheels leave nice Orange thane lines even if you're like 80 pounds. Go get a set of some retro bertz.

*WARNING* These wheels core easily
these wheels are the shit! i love them so much. they are great for holding them out. they have thick yellow thane lines
these wheels are the shit! i love them so much. they are great for holding them out. they have thick yellow thane lines
these wheels are the shit! i love them so much. they are great for holding them out. they have thick yellow thane lines
these wheels are the shit! i love them so much. they are great for holding them out. they have thick yellow thane lines
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