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Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete
Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete

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  • Length:40.00
  • Width:8.80
  • Wheelbase:30.00
  • Construction:Maple/Bamboo
  • Concave:Flat
  • Flex:Flexy
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Push
  • Sliding

The Arbor Bamboo Axis is a blended wood and bamboo drop through cruiser. A symmetrical snowboard inspired waist and camber give you snappy rail-to-rail performance and the drop-through truck mounting gets you lower to the ground to power through turns and slides.

Recommended Components:

  • Paris 180mm Trucks
  • Abec 11 81a Zig Zags 70mm
  • Bones Reds Bearings

Arbor Axis Bamboo 40 Longboard Skateboard Complete



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Quick Overview

The Axis is flexy and fun for cruising, carving, and mild freeriding.
Current Set-Up
Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks - Silver V2

Paris 180mm - Silver V2

Dano's Downhills Longboard Wheels 70mm 78a

Dano's Downhills 70mm 78a - Green

Daddies Board Shop ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings


The board comes fully assembled and ready to ride at no extra charge. If you want to assemble the board yourself, we send you all the hardware you need.
If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Drop Thru shock pads, while not required to enjoy your ride, are a great way to remove unwanted vibrations from the road.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Great for first season riders, or commuting
Got the board back in april with caliber 44's arbor vice, and the bearings from arbor. I didn't get it from daddies but it doesn't matter the board is great for anyone over 120 lbs due to its flex and low concave. It sits high enough to get over bumps and rocks without feeling uncomfortable to hit small hills on. The caliber trucks are great because you can go out and buy a deck and be ready to go for pretty much any riding style, provided you don't get to crazy with them. The griptape sucks because its not tape at all its glass which is stuck onto the board. It would be ok for sliding if you could get some vicious tape on it, but if you want to go sideways this isn't the board for you. On the flipside if you don't want to go side ways and are looking for a more chill ride this is a great board for it.
Nice Board
My first board that I have owned. The flex is very nice(160-170lb). Overall I would have to say this board is good for downhill and learning how to do some basic slides. The only real problem I had with this board is the grip looses grip VERY fast. I do not really regret buying this board because just the fact that it is a nice ride and is built well, but if you are a beginner and plan on learning how to slide I would get a board with a bit more grip.
My First
Let me say this, the board itself does exactly what it is supposed to. That being said, it's not supposed to do much. For the price range you won't get a better board. Light, fairly durable, nice wide platform, easy to push and ok for sliding. It is a cruising board, though I learned the fundamentals of downhill, freeride, sliding and dancing on it. I also ended up using it for some flatland tricks. It is simple, but will get you where you need to be to move up to a better board. I want to give it 4 stars but I really do recommend investing in a more advanced deck for commuted riders. Cheers.
kick ass board
Good Beginner Board
Good board for anyone who wants to get into long boarding and need to learn the fundamentals of balance. Despite what other reviews say this board is very flexy. (185 lbs) It's not very good for tricks but more for commuting.
Bros this board is pretty awesome. The flex is pretty sick because it doesn't give too much but it flexes just enough to have some good pop in your carves. Oh and I weigh 170 pounds. The sliding isn't easy with crap wheels but if you throw some Flashbacks on, sliding is almost inevitable if you have the right amount of speed. I live in a mountain town and hills are everywhere and dudes this board handles them like a champ. Tricks aren't exactly easy to do, things like shuvits and whatnot are nearly impossible because of a lack of a lip not a lot of space between the end of the board and the trucks. But hey, sliding is more fun than tricks anyways. So yea this board will do what you ask it too if you know what you are doing. I like it. Chicks dig it. Design is impressive. 5 stars bros.
Well made
Very sturdy board, takes what you give it and throws it right back!
Good but stiff
I weigh 130lbs and it was very stiff ! The description says "Flexy" but I got no flex, and I'm quite desapointed.
BUT, this board is awesome for cruising around, sliding and dancing. My actual setup is Paris + ZigZag 77a (pinks ones). It is so much nice to ride ! I can do a lot of dancing on it, it's amazing. When I put my Pink Powerballs to slide, it becomes a really nice board for sliding.
It's more a stater/beginer deck, but it's also a good one !
This is a great board if you want to just mess around and cruise every once In a while but if you really want to get into longboarding don't get it. This board is also way over priced
The only compliant i can make about this board is that it's kick tails are super small, other than that it has just the right amount flex for some serious gnar shredding and handles speed with moderate ease
sweet as
the arbor axis is awesome. the paris trucks are a must do and i customized my wheels but this is a perfect cruiser. shes flexy and turning capacity is amazing and super swift.

haven't tried free riding and sliding but i got this board for coasting and in that reguards i can't think of a better one.
only for cruising!!!!!!
This is such a great board for cruising. i've really enjoyed this board for about a year now, but i'm starting to get tired of it. You can't really do any cool tricks on it. seriously only some sliding and cruising and thats it. i love the board but im looking for a new one.
Great For Cruising.
This is such a great board for cruising. I got this board about 6 months ago and it has been my main squeeze since then. For me it has tons of flex (190 pounds) and that is to admire. The deck is super unique. But the flat surface and low grip make sliding difficult. I highly recommend this board to any rider though, It is really comfortable and chill to ride.
Good all around board
I've had this board for several weeks now and I have to say It's really fun to ride. The board is stiffer than i would have preferred (120 lbs) almost no flex. Its great for sliding cruising and carving maybe a little downhill too. The nose and tail are exaggerated in the picture so they aren't much to work with with the baseplate in the so manuals and shoveits are more difficult but still do-able. It's quite similar to a dervish. It has medium concave and not much camber. The board might say its bamboo but only the top ply is, not a complaint, just a notification. I recommend paris 180s with 70mm or less size wheels. If you flip it upside down on pavement, the top will scratch easily and the grip tape doesn't last long either. So the verdict is I would recommend it but I wish I had payed the extra money for a tan tian.
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