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Eastside Longboarding 101 Spring Term 2017 Sign Up!

By: Robin McGuirk

I look forward to my 8th year teaching this course through Portland Community College! It’s been a pleasure helping hundreds of new and intermediate riders gain skills and confidence in longboard skateboarding over the years! And I really look forward to continuing my tradition of helping others on board...

Mic’d Up For Mario Kart Laps At Maryhill

Marhill Ratz
By: Eric Hoang

Sometimes, downhill skateboarding is just like Mario Kart. You get a banana peel involved, and someone’s gonna be sliding off rainbow road guaranteed. In this instance, it couldn’t have been more perfectly disastrous. But thankfully, life’s full of second chances. Take that one to heart kids. So I had...

Landyachtz 2017 Are Finally Here!

By: Eric Hoang

The time is finally here. The wait is over, and all year long we’ve been good boys and girls. We’re making our list, and checking it twice. We’re gonna find out who’s naughty or… Wait a minute, that’s the wrong holiday. It’s easy to confuse because today is just...

All Them Landyachtz For 2017

By: Eric Hoang

I’ll be completely honest with ya, the Landyachtz Lineup is massive. MASSIVE. 48 boards? Whew. I’m here to give you a little breakdown of the Landyachtz lineup. A little Spark Notes if you will. These won’t be lengthy, but rather a sneak peak into each board, giving you juuuuuuust...

Sneak Peek at the 2017 Landyachtz Lineup

By: Eric Hoang

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again! No, not Christmas. No, not Thanksgiving. No! Not New Years. We all know you aren’t gonna keep those New Year’s resolution anyways. It’s the release of the all new Landyachtz lineup! These boards release on March 15th, but we wanted to give...

Byron Essert’s New Powell Peralta Frog Longboard Deck

By: Eric Hoang

Byron! Nicknamed Lil’ B! He’s the man. Seriously, if you don’t know Byron, you need to get up to speed, go to an event, find the guy with the biggest smile on his face, introduce yourself, wait a maximum of 5 minutes and you’ll hear one of the dopest...

Kevin Reimer’s Powell Peralta Board

By: Eric Hoang

So… We’re not gonna sugar coat it. The world’s fastest and most notorious downhill skateboarder just designed a pro model board. And with no better company than one of the most ground breaking skateboard companies in the world. That’s right. Kevin Reimer and Powell Peralta have teamed up to...

Riley Harris Part 2: Conquering Jebel Hafeet

PIC 12
By: Eric Hoang

The adventure wasn’t over once the Jebel Jais Downhill Skateboarding Challenge had come to an end. My other main goal of visiting the United Arab Emirates was to conquer a hill I had been dreaming of skating for more than 8 years… Jebel Hafeet. First thing you need to...

Panning for Internet Gold: NEW Fernando Yuppie Video

By: Eric Hoang

HOLY F%C&!NG $#!T! Sorry, I had to have a little bit of a freak out moment just now. But I have a good reason for it! I just heard word from Skate[Slate] that there’s an all new Fernando Yuppie video out! Yes! That’s right. If you know who Fernando...

Bustin’s Best and Brightest

By: Eric Hoang

Oh buddy, the Bustin boards are some of the most well tested boards in the world. So it’s no surprise that they’re some of the most well designed boards in the world. Hailing from New York, these boards were tested in the busiest streets in the city that never...