Abec11 Amber Freeride Wheels

By: Pete Benda
Abec 11 Amber Freeride Wheels

Well, it looks like this could be the end of clean streets in our neighborhood. With the release of the all new Amber Thane Classic Freerides from Abec 11, the roads are going to be covered in urethane – bright orange thane too.

These wheels are absolutely amazing. They come in at 72mm and 81a for the perfect freeride wheel. These Abec11 Amber Freerides are large enough for high-speed freeriding, soft enough to hold a good line while going fast, and easy to bust out the most buttery slides imaginable. The offset core of these wheels gives you a predictable release point and a very nice hookup. It’s the perfect in between of a side set core and a centerset core. These wheels won’t release too fast and slip out from underneath you like a sideset core would, and they aren’t too grippy like a centerset core – the perfect balance of both worlds.

The 81a duro is the perfect durometer for any Abec 11 wheel out there. What duro should I get? 81a – always get 81a. This amber thane is just way too sweet. It’ll lay massive thane lines on the road, while also wearing down really evenly throughout the wheel. So you can take them all the way to the core without worrying about flatspotting or ovaling. These wheels are sure to dominant slide and bordercross competitions this year.

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