By: Daddies Board Shop
So there is this weird girl band sensation in Japan, there is still a boy band one too but this group in particular kind of took it to another level. Their name is AKB48 and there are 48 members of the group. These are just some of the main and more popular ones.  Funny thing is all the girls in the group are around the age or 13 or 14, with the exception of a few “leaders” who are a bit older… and by older I only mean “of age,” so they are still only like 18 or so. These ones up here are some of the “leaders.” Im surprised that longboarding hasn’t blown up a bit more over there, considering all the hills. I lived over there for quite a while and I got my brother in-law doing some downhill. Stay posted to the blog guys cause I am heading back pretty soon for a trip. I will be posting all sorts of sick photos! I doubt I will be running into AKB 48 with all their skate gear but if I do I will be sure to get some more photos for all your viewing pleasure. Wanna know another funny thing? My older brother in-law has been to one of these girls concerts before. But thats really not surprising because the majority of their fan base is guys from the ages of 18 – 25 or so, I wonder why??? Well, enjoy the eye candy guys!
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