Arbor GT Longboards

By: Pete Benda
Arbor GT Longboards

The Arbor GT Series is the perfect series for anyone out there looking for the perfect cruiser. The board comes in 3 different models perfect for any kind of riding situation.

The Arbor Axis GT is the first in the lineup. The Axis is a drop-through cruiser, designed to give you the feeling of riding a snowboard. This board is low to the ground giving you a really stable push, while the camber of this board makes it so that you have a really snappy and flexy ride. The Axis GT is also perfect to throw around dance moves since it’s completely symmetrical. Dancing, cruising, and carving: it’s all easy and comfortable on the Axis GT.

Next up is the Arbor Fish GT and the Arbor Timeless GT. The little and big brother of the series, the Fish GT and the Timeless GT are classic pintail shapes that are perfect for beachside cruises and scenic city runs. Because they’re top mounted, you’ll get a lot more leverage over your trucks so that you can get some really hard carves out of your setup. They’ll be perfect for sharp corners, and really deep carves. The Fish is the shorter of the two, making it more nimble and agile for riding around town. The Timeless, being the larger of the two, will be better for long sweeping turns and wide carves. No matter the type of cruiser you’re looking for, the Arbor GT series is sure to have something to fit your style perfectly.

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