Atlas Longboard Trucks

By: Eric Hoang
Atlas Longboard Trucks

At last we have Atlas Trucks. Not only do we have Atlas Trucks, but we have them in a variety of colors as well. So we can make sure your setup is EXTRA flossy. The Atlas Longboard Trucks are an all new one-of-a-kind truck built through innovation. Let’s just get right into it.

Atlas Trucks feature a 10mm axle, milled down to 8mm. This gives you the strength of a 10mm axle with the ability to fit standard 8mm bearings. This also eliminates the need of an inner bearing spacer because the milling in itself creates the perfect sized speed ring. On top of that, the thing that makes Atlas feel like no other truck out there, is that they have a massive ball pivot to give you a really consistent lean and turn, no matter the speeds. Team that up with their self-cleaning pivot cups, and you’ll have a smooth ride for years to come. Variable wheelbase options on the baseplate also give you the perfect ride when looking to really customize the length of your setup, especially if your deck has wheelbase options along with it. Finally, being a forged truck rather than a cast truck gives you the real strength you need to ensure your ride is always precise and your trucks are never bent. Atlas Trucks will be changing the future of downhill skateboarding and the truck game for sure.

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