Politic Skateboards

Politic Skateboards
By: Daddies Board Shop

The East coast has been producing great companies since the beginning of skateboarding. Politic Skateboards is one of those. Still small and appealing to the niche market, Politic Skateboards is coming out with some heavy-hitting graphics that are catching everyone’s attention. One of the many graphics gaining popularity is the ‘Church and State’ series. ThisRead More

All New Sector 9 Boards

Sector 9 Rocker
By: Daddies Board Shop

Sector 9 has been killing it in the industry for a long time now and they’re still keeping it up! To keep you riding fast and hard they have released two completely new boards to help you go even harder than ever! The all new Sector 9 Rocker, and the all new Sector 9 MiniRead More

The Madrid Nessie has Risen from the Depths

By: Daddies Board Shop

We at DBS have taken a few months traversing the world, on the hunt constantly, exploring all kinds of wilderness and we have finally found her. We have finally spotted Nessie and we brought her back to headquarters! Yes we have a legend in the house! Ok, it’s not actually the Loch Ness Monster… It’sRead More

Original Vecter 37 – The old concave you love now comes in a sick downhill board.

By: Daddies Board Shop

Original Skateboards takes the Diamond Drop concave that you’ve known and puts it in what they call the all new, Original Vecter 37. This board has so many features that we are super excited about. The first feature you’ll see in the board is the giant wheel well flares. They are straight up massive. TheRead More

Penny Skateboards

By: Daddies Board Shop

Penny Skateboards probably need no introduction, but just in case they are new t you, here’s the scoop. Penny Boards are the classic short plastic boards you’ve seen around the streets for years. What makes them dope? Well first, is that they are just so compact that it makes them super convenient. Easy to throwRead More

Omen Longboards are Now at Daddies!

omen sugar 4
By: Daddies Board Shop

Daddies Board Shop has a new addition to the family. And one from the Pacific Northwest as well. We’d like to welcome Omen Longboards to the DBS family. We have several Pacific Northwest companies but we know that there is always room for more. Omen Longboards has one of the most well rounded series outRead More

What Are the New Orangatang Freeride Wheels?

By: Daddies Board Shop

Let me tell you. We have three super stars in the building. The Orangatang Keanu, Orangatang Kilmer, and Orangatang Cage. No, not the actors. We don’t have that kind of budget at Daddies Board Shop. But what we do have is three of the most anticipated freeride wheels on the market. The new Orangatang freerideRead More

Come Over to the Darkside – The Rayne Darkside

By: Daddies Board Shop

In a Galaxy far far away… Or just in Portland, Oregon… A new board has arrived… The Rayne Darkside… Cue the music for the Imperial March. Yes that’s right. We at Daddies Board Shop are now on the Darkside. Well… maybe we’re not, but we put in our application to rent out the Death Star.Read More

Rayne Piranha and Ranye Future Killer

By: Daddies Board Shop

Oh man! We’re making it Rayne at Daddies Board Shop! Two new boards just came in! We are now stocked on the new Rayne Piranha and the new Rayne Future Killer! Get stoked on going fast, going sideways, and straight up winning podiums because that’s all you’ll be able to do with these new boards.Read More

The Original Baffle 37 – Something New from Original

By: Daddies Board Shop

Oh man Original has come at us with something new and amazing – the Original Baffle 37! Are you confused and, dare I say, baffled and wondering what you should be riding these days? The Original Baffle 37 could very well be the solution to your shredding confusion. First of all, the Baffle has aRead More