Mortadella x De La Cruz

By: Pam Díaz

We are sure you’ve seen some nice pictures out there shot by our good friend De La Cruz Fotografia, he was official part of the 2nd #MortadellaJam collecting and snappin the best times around.

Hill Hunting RD Ocoa

By: Pam Díaz

In this episode of Hill Hunting RD we move into unknown lands, the South, and the result was better than expected . A combination of mountains , green fields and good asphalt roads make this area a special place to skate and go exploring.

Mortadella Jam #2 Results

By: Pam Díaz

The 2nd #MortadellaJam was held by @pamdiazz and @gdivanna and presented by EncargoPAQ last January 4th on the beautiful Secret Spot located in Santo Domingo. It was not easy for the judges to decide who was gonna become the “King Of The Hill”, the guys were going pretty big on everything, big blunt slides, fatRead More


By: Pam Díaz

“This mini documentary dives into Pam Diaz’s life as a female athlete in the male dominated sport of longboard skateboarding. Her persistence and determination has placed her at the forefront of the skating scene in the Dominican Republic and has earned her support and respect from skaters around the world. She has become a roleRead More

Winter Photo Report – Dominican Republic

By: Pam Díaz

Here in the Dominican Republic it’s ALWAYS summertime, that means we have the chance to skate almost every day. For that reason, we have a constant media production. This time I reunite a Winter Photo Report of some of the coolest images that my friends “De La Cruz Photography” and Juan Carlos Paulino has beenRead More

DBS / Sk8Session Dominican Republic

By: Pam Díaz

Michael Alfuso traveled from Northern California to the Dominican Republic in representation of Abec1 1 Wheels, Jet Skateboards and Liquid Truck Co. to film and document the downhill skateboarding scene all around the country. From the busy city of Santo Domingo to San Cristobal, we filmed some serious shredding. Then we drove all the wayRead More

Abec11 Top 3 by Pam

By: Pam Díaz

After almost 3 years being part of the #GRNTM i’ve been testing and shredding all different kind of thanes they got for us. One very special thing about Abec11 Wheels is all the options, durometers and shapes they present. This is why i’ve picked my Top 3 wheels for a guaranteed fun session: 1. Abec11Read More

Daddies Team Rider

By: Pam Díaz

Marisa Nuñez has been out there in the Downhill Scene for a good while now, on top of many podiums and always shining with her mega skills on a skateboard, the “Miami Girl” went exploring and ripping all around the world and now she is living in Portland, chasing a new adventure and doing goodRead More

Travel The World – Liam Morgan

Liam Morgan Profile
By: Pam Díaz

Liam Morgan it’s out there since the first time I’ve heard about “Downhill Skateboards”, he and I have been part of the same teams for a few years now, (Comet back in the day, Caliber, Blood Orange and Daddies Board Shop) and I must say I just see him going bigger and progressing in thisRead More

Daddies Interview with Alex Tongue

Alex Tongue Racing
By: Pam Díaz

Hi Alex! tell us about your best experiences conquering the hills around the world this past 2014. Best races you’ve been to, why? This is a tough question and I get asked this a lot so you would think I have an answer by now, but I don’t haha. I am a big fan ofRead More