Pam Diaz and Mujer Unica

By: Pam Díaz

Im in the new @mujerunicard Magazine talking a little bit about my passion for longboarding and how does it feels to practice an extreme sport! Thanks for your support! Mujer Unica is a big magazine from my country Dominican Republic, it has 19 years out there and is a real honor to be able toRead More

Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico

By: Pam Díaz Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico! This was a great time next to my green family in Puerto Rico! check the video i helped to film and the great time we had! Also check my Jet team ripping fast skateboards! Good Times!

March Photo Report – Dominican Republic

1489208_542324815882955_2118274294_n (1)
By: Pam Díaz

Our Friend Daniel De La Cruz has been taking sweet photos of us these days! Covering the Dominican scene. Check some of our rippers and visit his page on Facebook to stay closer to his lens!

Thane as Funk

By: Pam Díaz

I just grabbed a fresh set of Abec11 81A Grippins!!! and they are leavin thane for days !!! Fast and smooth slides on some Classic Thane! Make sure to click on the photo to see the Daddies Clip on my Facebook page and also visit the Abec11 Wheels area at DBS FRESHIES!

Team Girlas

By: Pam Díaz

Check @TeamGirlas on Instagram! A proyect brought to you from beautiful Dominican Republic promoting the girls ripper down there! We have all kind of styles and sports, check us out and stay updated with some dominican gnarly chicks ! This is a project by Pam Diaz and CathyKat!

Adventure Time with Pam: NYC – Ohio

By: Pam Díaz

I had a great Time in NYC with the homies. I was supposed to get there for the famous Broadway Bomb but there was a mistake with my dates, this didn’t stopped me from having a great time around and skate all day, but most important, shoot photos and document what was happening around me. ThanksRead More

West Coastin’ 4th Report by Ishtar Bäcklund

By: Pam Díaz

Ever since that first time I saw the “Dogtown” documentary I have been in love with the whole skating scene. Not because of the fact that they looked rad shredding on those boards but because of the friendship and the brotherhood that they shared. They were a part of a group that shared the same energy, the same stoke, and they got to set an example for everybody else. By being stoked about what they were doing, good things came to them, people around them could feel the “stoking” energy. Opportunities were created for the boy’s dreams to grow and come true. After a long drive We finally made it to Portlandia! With flowers in our hand we all pulled up for the first time to Daddies Board Shop; except for Marisa, she had beent here once before. Stepping in and physically meeting everyone was something we’ve all been looking forward doing since each and every one of us got onRead More

West Coastin’ 3rd Report by Amanda Powell

By: Pam Díaz

Cliff Coleman is a skateboarding and yo-yo legend. He invented the slide that we all learned at one point or another and got us hooked on being sideways on our skateboards. (He is also responsible for a handful of monumental yo-yo tricks!) We spent quality time with Cliff in his stomping grounds of Berkley. He’sRead More

West Coastin’ 2nd Report by Pam Díaz

By: Pam Díaz

It all started.. Faster than what I ever thought. We made a plan, we collected the money, and with the help of our sponsors we got the car. Thank you Daddies Board Shop, Blue Sky Longboards, Comet Skateboards and Caliber Trucks for your constant support! The plan is to start in LA and drive in theRead More

West Coastin’ 1rst Report

By: Pam Díaz

Daddies Board Shop & Longboard Girls Crew presents: West Coastin’ The Journey to the first Maryhill She-ride. It all started in Santa Monica, California, where the 5 of us girls, Pam Diaz, Ishtar Backlund, Amanda Powell, Daisy Johannes, and myself, Marisa Nunez, were gathered together for a 2 week “vacation” from the IGSA races. WeRead More