Burton 2015 Snowboards

By: Jeff Acciaioli
Burton 2015 Snowboards

This season Burton Snowboard gear is back at Daddies. Everything from apparel, tools, wax, Beeracudas, and all your on-snow necessities like outerwear, gloves, beanies, boots, bindings and, of course, snowboards.

We will be carrying all the Burton classics like the Burton Custom X, Burton Custom Flying V, Burton Nug Flying V and for those of you stepping on your first shred stick, the Burton Clash. Along with the classics, we picked up a run of the Danny Davis Pro Model, The Burton Easy Livin. We just couldn’t resist it after seeing their awesome graphic collab with Martin Guitars. This freestyle-oriented true twin gives shredding a whole new meaning.

From the Family Tree Collection we carry three models, The Burton Flight Attendant, and 2 Splitboards; The Burton Landlord Splitand the Burton Spliff. The all-new Burton Flight Attendant was specifically designed for riders who like spending their time floating around in clouds of powder with a freestyle attitude like Burton pro rider Nicolas Muller. If you like the backcountry, be sure to pair up one of the Burton Splits with the Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard binding. This combo creates one of the quickest and smoothest splitboard setups to date.

For the ladies, there will be a little something for everyone. The Burton Feather is great for first time riders. This board features Burton’s friendly V-Rocker shape with Cruise Control, which will keep you light, lifted, and your edges catch-free. The Burton Deja Vu Flying V is perfect for the park, but when it starts to dump this board still plows through powder. Last but never least, is the classic Burton Feelgood Flying V. This board has been a staple all-mountain machine for years. If you’re looking for one of the most reliable and advanced women’s snowboards on the market, then this one is definitely for you. Rail turns, float pow, and stomp landings with ease on the Feelgood Flying V.

As usual, we brought in a few boards for the kiddos. For the more advanced riders keeping up with Mom and Pop, check out the Feelgood Smalls and Burton Process Smalls. These boards include all the tech you need to ride right. The Burton Chopper and the Burton Chicklet are for little ones that are ready to hit the bunny runs. Before you know it, the whole fam will be riding together. The best bang for the buck is Burton’s After School Special Package. This board comes in three sizes and includes bindings that are pre-mounted and ready to rip so you can get your kid shredding on a real snowboard instead of crashing on some plastic junk from Walmart.

Burton’s back at Daddies Board Shop. We are stoked on the line up and no matter how or where you ride, we got you covered for the 2015 snowboard season.

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