Bustin Bruno

By: Eric Hoang

The Pro Model of Bruno the Kid. The Bustin Bruno is designed by this spanish rider for exactly his style, which, we aren’t able really point out quite yet. Watch this video, and let us know if you can figure it out. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Do you get what we mean now?! Gnarly, fast, technical, and an all around shred setup! It’s perfect that Bruno got his own promodel, to provide a setup that’ll get exactly what you’ll want as well. This board performs extremely well on the street, as it does in pools and parks. City slashing is also a great stylistic choice of riding for the Bruno Pro due to its shorter shape and design, giving you the perfect citiy slashing setup. Perfect for taking it out in the street for communiting around town. Overall this board is ready to do it all in the same style that Bustin Bruno does, which is fast and technical, but very forgiving in the ride as well. Simply see any video of his and you’ll know why he deserves such a good pro model.

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