Bustin Hydro Pro

By: Pete Benda

The Bustin Hydro Pro, the pro model board of the “Brazilian Bullet” Jonas Richter is here! This board gives you the confidence to ride with both style and speed. Jonas has been riding for Bustin for a few years now, always progressing his speed, winning races around the world, and perfecting his flawless style in the freeriding world. It was only a matter of time until his pro model was to become a reality.

The Bustin Hydro Pro features a micro kick tail, a top mount directional speed design, and the all new Bustin Thermocarbon construction. What this means is you get a great downhill board that’s ready for maximum speed, while also being ready to shred everything in your path. This board is extremely versatile, featuring wheelbase options from 21.125″ all the way to 29.25″. This makes for a great city shredder with its extremely short wheelbase, and the most stable of rides at its longest wheelbase.

Being such a sick board, it also has to have a sick construction to it. That’s why Bustin built it in the all new Thermocarbon construction giving you only 3 plies of maple, and 2 plies of carbon, while also being very stiff for all speeds. This makes the board lighter than air. It makes carrying the board up hills easier than ever, and you’ll be able to feel how light it is in your ride. While you bob and weave through riders, corners, and obstacles in your way, you’ll notice the real responsiveness in the ride. The Bustin Hydro Pro is a complete game changer. All in all, this board is an amazing pro model to a very deserving rider.

Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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