Cloud Ride Mini Ozones

By: Pete Benda
Cloud Ride Mini Ozone Wheels

Mmmmmm butter… Usually I say “more buttah, more bettah,” but sometimes you need to use a little bit less butter than usual, especially those watching their caloric intake. So a smaller piece is a lot better for you.

That’s why Cloud Ride came out with the all new Cloud Ride Mini Ozones. These are like the little piece of butter that makes your longboard setup oh-so-sweet. Coming in at 65mm tall, it is perfect for any longboard setup you want to throw them on. Freeride boards, cruiser setups, and double kicks, the 65mm is the perfect size for whatever you’re looking for. But these wheels shine when you’re looking for fast stand up slides.

What sets these wheels above the rest of them all? Well first off, the wheels feature a gigantic supportive core giving you amazing roll speed. From the start of acceleration to the end of your slide, you can feel that these wheels are amazing at keeping your speed so you are going as fast as you possibly can. The core also holds the urethane very well, giving you very little deformation in the urethane, making sure your slip and hookup is extremely predictable. Standies for days is an understatement. Coming in at three different durometers of 80a, 83a, and 86a, you can get anything in the spectrum from grippy to slippery. Mini Ozones are perfect for finding all of your freeriding desires. No matter what you could want in a wheel, you are sure to find it in the all new Cloud Ride Mini Ozones.

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