Daddies Does Colombia

By: Daddies Board Shop
The Pro team headed south last weekend to Bogota, Colombia where Alex Tongue, Marisa Nuñez and Katie Neilson competed in the IGSA World Cup event, Festival De La Bajada. The sun was out most of the weekend and so was the rain, but that didn’t stop the team from killing it and having a good time. Alex started off strong with an impressive 2nd place qualifying time in Mens behind Landyachtz’s Dillon Stephens and Marisa skated her butt off all day to earn the fastest time in the women’s. Deciding to skip qualifying and head out with Colombian Skateboard Magazine Ocho Shortys, Katie Neilson spent the day getting to know local street skaters and shooting an article that blended all things street and Downhill. When race day rolled around, it was the Daddies Board Shop Girls Clinic’s poster girl who would walk away with a win on the womens side, and Alex placed an impressive consi position after skating a race track that pretty much became a lake sometime around the Semi Finals. Good Luck to Alex and Marisa who are continuing on to Argentina next week!
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