How To Pick The Best Spots to Longboard

By: Pete Benda
We visited a few spots and had a great day.
You’ve got your board, you’ve read the blog up until now, and now you are ready to get out there and skate – but where should you go? Obviously, where you live is going to make a difference, but I’m going to go ahead and give you a few pointers on finding prime longboarding locations in your area. I’ll give you a few examples along the way, too, and if you’re lucky enough to live near any of the specific spots I mention, make sure you go check them out, because missing out on prime spots in your area, or areas you may travel to, would suck. What is good and what isn’t is going to be largely a matter of opinion and taste, but some basic things that are good would be a smooth surface, low traffic, and a location that allows skating.

Consider the Terrain

If you live somewhere with only a few hills, the type of riding you can do is going to be more limited than it would probably be in a mountainous area. If you live somewhere like New York City, for instance, you can find some okay hills, but most of what you find is going to be pretty flat. New York City is great for cruising, and there are some areas that hold weekly skates you could check out, but if you’re just getting started, a nice, popular spot in New York City would be Central Park. It’s also worth noting that college campuses around the United States can be great spots to longboard.

Population Matters

Make sure you think about what traffic is going to be like in the areas where you consider jumping on your longboard and going for a ride. Some of the most challenging or exciting longboarding spots are probably roads with at least some traffic that passes through. If you find a great hilly road sure to help you hit high speeds or a road with a series of great hairpin turns, make sure there are no posted laws about skating in the area, and do a little research to figure out at what times traffic is heaviest and try to plan your skates so that you aren’t flying down the middle of a street during those times. Safety matters.

Enjoy the View

While the skating surface matters, the scenery that surrounds that surface can also make a spot worth skating. A tree-covered hill with a smooth road you can skate down can be an experience you’ll never forget, just like cruising a path around a lake during the summer can be the perfect way to unwind after a hard day at work. Figure out what type of atmosphere most appeals to you and see what spots you can find that incorporate at least some visually pleasing features.

Check Out What’s Popular

All over the world, people are getting into sports like ours, though it is still more popular in the U.S. than in some overseas countries. One of the best ways to find great longboarding spots when traveling anywhere on the planet is to check out sites like YouSpots. Currently, more than 14,000 longboarding locations are listed on the map, with more being added all the time. If you’re looking to connect with fellow longboarders or just explore some of the most notable locations on the planet, this site can be a huge asset. You could even add a few of the more unique locations to a longboarding bucket list of your own. Among the top locations on YouSpots are Titan’s Path in Lysebotn, Norway, which boasts 30 consecutive hairpins, and Dades Gorge Road in Morocco.

To Sum It Up

All over the planet, prime skating locations exist, and more are being discovered each day. Figuring out what spots you will enjoy most requires considering a bunch of factors, like the type of skating you do, the population, and, of course, laws and safety requirements. The best way to find great places to skate is to get out there and try some out. Maybe you’ll luck out and discover a great place no one has yet tried to skate. One of the best parts of sports like ours is how easy it is to just grab your longboard and head out the door.
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