Jet Hellfire Shred Sled – Jet Invasion Super Banger

By: Eric Hoang
Jet Hellfire and Jet Invasion

We are extremely happy to have the Jet Hellfire Shred Sled and the Jet Invasion Super Banger. Two setups you need in your ride as quiver killers.

The Jet Shred Sled offers a versatile street skating style for both pools, parks, and a hint of tech sliding goodness as well. This double kick setup offers the longboarder out there an opportunity to get into the street skating world. Perfectly paired up with small street wheels and standard kingpin trucks, this board gives what any shredder out there is looking for.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Jet Super Banger. This setup is great for street skaters to get into the longboarding world. This board is shorter than your average longboard, giving you the mobility street skaters are used to, but features a single kick design. That gives you the street skating background you miss, but keeps you more focused on going faster and faster! The micro drops keep you locked in and low to the ground so when you’re ready to up your speed, the board will keep you safe. Overall these boards are absolute necessities in any quiver, for both the longboarders and street skaters alike.

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