Landyachtz Del Dinghy

By: Pete Benda
Landyachtz Del Dinghy

Del The Funky Homosapien, and Dinghy the Funky Cruiser setup, have teamed up to give you one extremely bitchin’ setup. Actually, Landyachtz and Del teamed up to give you not just one extremely bitchin’ setup, but TWO extremely bitchin’ setups. You know that’s good team work.

The Landyachtz Del Dinghy is the ultimate in campus cruiser and city slayer. The board is the perfect little mini pocket rocket, great for getting around town as well as slaying streets. But the two different Dinghies each feature two different griptape options. The white Dinghy Del Icon features a foam griptape on the top of the board giving you a soft and cushiony ride. The black Dinghy Del Faded features a solid black Landyachtz griptape for sweet and stable responsiveness and a more trick-oriented ride. No matter the ride you’re looking for, the Dinghy DelHeiro collaboration is sure to give the perfect cruiser you’re looking for.

Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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