Landyachtz Drop Speed with Gas Pedals

By: Pete Benda
Landyachtz Drop Speed with Gas Pedals

The Landyachtz Drop Speed has an updated ride and feel. This board now features rad new gas pedals, making this board exactly what you’ve always wanted it to be.

The Landyachtz Drop Speed with Gas Pedals is a symmetrical drop through speed board, designed for all the speeds you can throw at it. This board comes in at 38.5 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and has wheelbase of 28.6”. This means you have the perfect sized setup for both freeriding and downhill riding. Speeds you’ve only dreamed of are now a reality.

The Drop Speed features ample W concave to give you a very sturdy leverage point for your feet both toeside and heelside. Predrifts and stand up slides are easier than ever on this setup. But not only do you have the amazing concave to lock your feet in, this board has gas pedals! Yes! The oh-so-sweet, milled out rails give you extra surface to shove your feet against, giving you much more leverage than ever before. This will let you really dig into your board, making sure you’re locked and loaded and ready to go. This is great for kicking it sideways, locking up at the apex, and taking maximum exit speed out of all of the turns. No matter what you’re looking for in a ride, the Landyachtz Drop Speed is ready to do it all with the all new gas pedals.

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