A Sneak Peak at the Loaded Tesseract

By: Daddies Board Shop
What is the Loaded Tesseract? Is it another masterfully named board coming from the geniuses and possibly masterminds of the people at Loaded Boards? Yes. But it’s also more than that! It’s the do it all board. Do it ALL! Muahahahahahaha! Ok we might have been hanging out with the board building geniuses at Loaded too much ourselves… But here’s what hours of tireless and relentless testing gives you in a board. What we love about this board is that it is made out of fiberglass/epoxy skins sandwich two vertically-laminated bamboo cores, with the bottom layer of the laminated with cork. It has a very lightweight design while maintaining all that is necessities to do it all. Then Loaded and their top notch team of board designers put in both Rocker and W concave giving you a very locked in feel. They also wanted you to feel your board and know exactly where your feet are without having to look down. So they gave you wheel well flares! So you’ll get a sweet spot for when you wanna tuck and slide. Sweeter than grandma’s apple pie. So you get a sweet feel for both downhilling and freeriding. One additional thing that the Loaded Tesseract gives you is multiple wheelbase options of 24.50″ and 26.00″ so you can adjust it to however you like. This truly makes it a do it all board for every kind of rider out there. Loaded has really made something that almost every rider will love.
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