Never Summer V2 Longboards

By: Eric Hoang
Never Summer V2 Longboards

Never Summer has finally released their Never Summer 2014 Version 2 lineup and they are incredible. Everything from downhilling to freeriding, racing to cruising, and even to the park, this lineup has it all.

The thing that sets Never Summer longboards apart is their construction. They’re construction is absolutely amazing; American made, and like no other board in the industry. These boards mostly feature a carbonium base, a material seen on their snowboards, giving them rigidity unmatched by any longboard out there. This makes them snappy, rigid, and extremely durable. If it can shred on the mountains, you know it can hold its own on the streets.

These boards also feature a wood core construction, giving you a range of flex and feel throughout the lineup. They are all extremely lively and different, newer and better than ever. Top them off by having them all CNC’d and you have precision longboard decks. Tap in some P-tex nose and tail guards and you are sure to have one sweet ride that can handle being toughed and tossed around. Never Summer has been an industry leader as far as snowboards go, and they’re here to show that they are an industry leader when it comes to longboards as well.

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