New Omen Longboards

By: Eric Hoang
Omen Longboards

We have so many new Omen goodies we just can’t hold in our excitement. We have the all new Omen Barfight and Omen Airship; the big and little brick shredders with features for days. These boards have an intense amount of rocker, featuring a micro drop as well, giving you a very locked in but extremely comfortable ride. These boards also feature a CNC’d flush wheel mount to give you the true mounting angles of your trucks so that none of it is affected by the rocker. The boards come in a large and a small size, making the Omen Airship the big boat of a ride for longer stance riders, and the Omen Barfight perfect for the feisty little guy.

Then we have the downhill monster known as the Omen Kush. It features a 10-degree wedged nose, and a 12-degree dewedge tail, giving you a split angle ride, making your board tracks more like a car. This setup is the ultimate in stability. The board also features 1.4-inch drop and a rear T-Bar Concave to make sure you stay locked in no matter how fast you’re shredding. Tapering to the rear end of the board ensures that you have leverage over both your toes and your heels all the time. No matter the speed, the Omen Kush, with its Egyptian heritage is ready to handle it all.

Lastly we have the clean and simple Omen Buzzkill. This board features rocker, concave, and a micro kick all in a brick shape you’ll be sure to love. Featuring wheelbase options from 21.5″-26.5″ the Omen Buzzkill gives you a ride that’ll be sure to fit all of your needs. It’s simple, it’s basic, and it’s got everything you need. On top of it all, its prototype name was the Gordito Burrito. What more could you ask for?

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