The Original Arbiter DK

By: Pete Benda

One kick just wasn’t enough for us. We needed more. And Original answered our prayers and gave us the all new Original DK Arbiter. Obviously, more is always better. Always. And so the Original Arbiter DK is an extremely versatile setup. Both in freeriding, and freestyling. The 18-21 inch wheelbase gives you the ability to mount the board any which way you would want, while the double kicks gives you the ability to freestyle like a beast. This board features a concave throughout the standing platform of the deck, giving you a real locked in ride when pulling out stand up slides. The kicktails create a pocket to lock your feet into as well. And that’s just the beginning of all of the fun! The kicktails are extremely functional for freestyling. You could even take this thing to the park if you dare! This board was designed to skate it all. With some Reverse Kingpin Trucks, this board would be sick for freeriding and mild downhilling as well. Slap on some Traditional Kingpin Trucks and you’ll have a sweet board for doing tricks and a city commuter. Whatever you’re looking to do, the DK Arbiter is sure to fit your needs.

Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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