The Original Baffle 37 – Something New from Original

By: Daddies Board Shop
Original Baffle 37 LongboardOh man Original has come at us with something new and amazing – the Original Baffle 37! Are you confused and, dare I say, baffled and wondering what you should be riding these days? The Original Baffle 37 could very well be the solution to your shredding confusion. First of all, the Baffle has a ton of wheelbase options to choose from ranging from 22.75″ all the way to 26″ allowing you to go with either a short wheelbase for all your freeriding pleasure or bigger wheelbase to provide stability on the biggest mountain hills. It is also a symmetrical design letting you ride whichever way you want without worry of your board being backwards. The board also comes with 3D wheel wells and wheel well flares which will accommodate any wheel size you would want to ride. And on top of that, the super functional nose and tail will let you pop any kind of tricks that you would want. So what is the real theme of this board? It will let you have any wheelbase you want, ride any way that you want, with any wheels that you want, and will pop any tricks that you want. It’s a do it all board that will do all that you want! But there’s more to it than that. You will be extremely locked in on the Original Baffle. It comes with 1.25″ of rocker which is VERY deep giving you the most comfortable ride out there. But by having the board flush mounted it neutralizes the effects on the trucks bringing them back to their original truck’s degree geometry. So the board gives you maximum comfort without any of the negative effects. Be baffled no longer.
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