Original Vecter 37 – The old concave you love now comes in a sick downhill board.

By: Daddies Board Shop
Original Vector 37 Longboard
Original Skateboards takes the Diamond Drop concave that you’ve known and puts it in what they call the all new, Original Vecter 37. This board has so many features that we are super excited about. The first feature you’ll see in the board is the giant wheel well flares. They are straight up massive. The ultimate point of reference. They’re key to knowing where your feet are at all times. It also features wheel clearance like you’ve never seen before. Downhillers always want a larger wheel to reach that maximum velocity and Original addressed this by giving you the wheel clearance to run 75mm+ wheels with no chance of wheelbite! Original Vecter 37 comes in 5 plies of maple and 2 plies of Quad Axial Fiberglass. This results in a board that is pliable in ways never seen before. Using this construction, Original was able to give you complete lock in when you team up the wheel well flares with the drop platform. A complete bowl concave, so much so that you could eat your breakfast cereal out of it before you go riding! The Vecter 37 is a completely symmetrical downhill board so if you’re ready to take your riding to the next level and start mobbing hills switch, the Vecter 37 can handle it. So for a great downhill board, a freeride board, a sweet campus cruising setup, with just a dash of freestyle thrown in there, the Vecter 37 can do it all!
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