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Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico

By: Pam Díaz Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico! This was a great time next to my green family in Puerto Rico! check the video i helped to film and the great time we had! Also check my Jet team ripping fast skateboards! Good Times!

March Photo Report – Dominican Republic

1489208_542324815882955_2118274294_n (1)
By: Pam Díaz

Our Friend Daniel De La Cruz has been taking sweet photos of us these days! Covering the Dominican scene. Check some of our rippers and visit his page on Facebook to stay closer to his lens!

Thane as Funk

By: Pam Díaz

I just grabbed a fresh set of Abec11 81A Grippins!!! and they are leavin thane for days !!! Fast and smooth slides on some Classic Thane! Make sure to click on the photo to see the Daddies Clip on my Facebook page and also visit the Abec11 Wheels area...

Landyachtz 2014 Longboards

Landyachtz 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Landyachtz has been one of the most trusted names in the industry for quite some time now and there is good reason for it. They’ve built a great name for themselves in the downhilling industry with boards you’ve gotten to know over the years (i.e. the Landyachtz Wolfshark, the...

Rayne 2014 Longboards

Rayne 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Oh man, Rayne is killing it super hard this year. And they’re especially looking out for you grom shredders out there! This year they took some of their most popular boards and made mini versions of them for all you little guys. The first is the Rayne Terror. This...

Team Girlas

By: Pam Díaz

Check @TeamGirlas on Instagram! A proyect brought to you from beautiful Dominican Republic promoting the girls ripper down there! We have all kind of styles and sports, check us out and stay updated with some dominican gnarly chicks ! This is a project by Pam Diaz and CathyKat!

Comet’s 2014 Longboard Lineup is shred-tastic

Comet 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Comet’s 2014 Lineup is shred-tastic! The 2014 Comet Longboard lineup has been released and they are killing it! These boards are revamped and better than ever. Coming at you with some new and crazy concoctions. First and foremost is the all-new Swell Series. They’re your classic campus cruisin’, city...

Essential Longboarding Safety Tips

longboard safety
By: Pete Benda

Longboarding can be a great way to let yourself go. Things can be chaotic and all around unpleasant at work or with friends once in a while, and flying down a hill can be a damn good way to unwind. But as rad as the release may be, I...

7 Awesome Longboard Companies You Should Know

By: Pete Benda

I gave you an intro to longboarding in general, explained the different styles, and now I think you’re ready for an intro to seven of the raddest brands in the industry today. While I’m just talking about seven today, there are way more brands to check out, including some...

All New Sector 9 Boards

Sector 9 Rocker
By: Daddies Board Shop

Sector 9 has been killing it in the industry for a long time now and they’re still keeping it up! To keep you riding fast and hard they have released two completely new boards to help you go even harder than ever! The all new Sector 9 Rocker, and...