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It’s Rayning New Boards

Rayne Summer 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

It’s 2014 and you’re still riding that water-logged, warped, and delaminated deck you got for your birthday 3 years ago. What’s the point? It’s about time you upgraded to the best of the best, and there’s absolutely no better time than now. That’s because Rayne just released 5 new...

It’s All About These Wheels

These Wheels
By: Pete Benda

What wheels are you riding? Are you riding These Wheels? If not, you might need to look at your life; because for some reason, you’ve decided not to ride the best of the best. These Wheels is the newest wheel company to reach the downhill longboarding scene and has...

The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka

By: Pete Benda

The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka is a rad do it all board for any level of riding. From the beginner to the advanced, the Sector 9 Mini Shaka is designed to do it all. This board features a micro drop symmetrical standing foot platform, making this a freeriding...

How to Choose Longboard Wheels

By: Pete Benda

Being the only part of your longboard setup to actually touch the street, your wheels are perhaps the most important, diverse and improvable item on your deck. New wheels whose specifications meet your riding style can drastically change your ability to perform downhill slides, tight turns, and even flatland...

Pam Diaz and Mujer Unica

By: Pam Díaz

Im in the new @mujerunicard Magazine talking a little bit about my passion for longboarding and how does it feels to practice an extreme sport! Thanks for your support! Mujer Unica is a big magazine from my country Dominican Republic, it has 19 years out there and is a...

8 Killer Longboarding Videos

By: Pete Benda

When learning any new longboard skill or technique, I strongly recommend taking some time to study how other longboarders flex their decks. Even a less-experienced rider can teach us a great deal about how to control a board or land a creative new trick. Unfortunately, longboarding isn’t quite as...

Sliding and Carving Tips

By: Pete Benda

While most people wouldn’t even think to ride a bicycle without brakes, those of us who love longboarding have no other option but to learn some more “creative” methods for slowing down. The most useful and basic of these methods are carving and sliding, both of which involve using...

Sector 9 2014 Longboards

By: Pete Benda

Everything in the Sector 9 2014 lineup is made by masterful hands for the best, in not only quality, but design as well. If you don’t know who Victor Earhart is, do a little bit of research and thank this masterful man for making your longboards. And this year...

Never Summer 2014 Longboards

Never Summer 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Never Summer is made up of some awesome guys from Colorado that you need to get to know. Not only are they an amazing snowboard manufacturer but they’re taking what they know about the construction of a snowboard, and putting them into the longboarding world. There is honestly not...

2014 BUSTIN BOARDS | Don’t Just Stand There, BUST A MOVE!

Bustin 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Bustin Boards is an amazing board company from New York that’s really killing it this year. They’ve already perfected their shapes and their decks, so their main focus this year was their design and construction. They’re coming at you with a ton of boards you already know and love,...