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2014 BUSTIN BOARDS | Don’t Just Stand There, BUST A MOVE!

Bustin 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Bustin Boards is an amazing board company from New York that’s really killing it this year. They’ve already perfected their shapes and their decks, so their main focus this year was their design and construction. They’re coming at you with a ton of boards you already know and love,...

Arbor 2014 Longboards

Arbor 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Arbor is doing something special this year and making sure you get the best of the best from not only their decks, but wheels as well. This year Arbor started something called the Sucrose Initiative. The Sucrose Initiative is their whole new lineup in wheels that pair up perfectly...

Great Longboarding Tricks

By: Pete Benda

Even living far from the thrill of a freshly paved hill, you can still get a rush from taking out the board and learning some new tricks. Though often evolved from the pantheon of skateboard flips, grabs, and maneuvers, longboard tricks have developed a style and culture all their...

Lakai Camby Earl Shoes

Lakai Earl Camby Shoes
By: Pete Benda

In a collab that’s been far too long coming, the Lakai x Earl Sweatshirt Camby Collab shoes are in here at Daddies. The one-and-only Earl Sweatshirt grew up skating with Lakai Team Rider Nakel Smith, so the Lakai x Earl Collab has been in the makings for a while....

The Newbie’s Guide to Longboard Lingo

By: Pete Benda

Longboarding, like most extreme sports, defines not only an activity but also a colorful culture and way of life. Out of this way of life and tight social circle has come some seriously distinct style and a slang vocabulary or lingo of its own. This longboard lingo can seem...

The Proper Way to Bomb a Hill – Safe Downhill Longboarding

By: Pete Benda

For surfers, nothing could be more enchanting than an enormous cresting wave. For snowboarders, it’s mammoth alpine peaks that seem to scratch the heavens. And for us longboarders, nothing is more seductive than the slick asphalt of a winding road that plummets at a thrilling incline. But like all...

How To Pick The Best Spots to Longboard

We visited a few spots and had a great day.
By: Pete Benda

You’ve got your board, you’ve read the blog up until now, and now you are ready to get out there and skate – but where should you go? Obviously, where you live is going to make a difference, but I’m going to go ahead and give you a few...

Assembling Your First Longboard

By: Pete Benda

When people are involved in sports, they inevitably end up learning a lot of different skills. One of the things people who longboard might eventually learn to do is assemble a longboard themselves. Longboard assembly isn’t complicated and has a lot of opportunities for customization. Customizing a board to...

Madrid 2014 – Checkout the new lineup

Madrid 2014 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Madrid is coming at you with an awesome lineup that’s sure to fit anyone’s needs and styles. This year we’ve brought in a ton more boards from them and we couldn’t be more stoked! First off we’ve got the amazing Madrid Anvil. Zak Maytum’s very own pro model so...

Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico

By: Pam Díaz Throwback Thursday – Sk8Trip to Puerto Rico! This was a great time next to my green family in Puerto Rico! check the video i helped to film and the great time we had! Also check my Jet team ripping fast skateboards! Good Times!