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Riley Harris Part 2: Conquering Jebel Hafeet

PIC 12
By: Eric Hoang

The adventure wasn’t over once the Jebel Jais Downhill Skateboarding Challenge had come to an end. My other main goal of visiting the United Arab Emirates was to conquer a hill I had been dreaming of skating for more than 8 years… Jebel Hafeet. First thing you need to...

Panning for Internet Gold: NEW Fernando Yuppie Video

By: Eric Hoang

HOLY F%C&!NG $#!T! Sorry, I had to have a little bit of a freak out moment just now. But I have a good reason for it! I just heard word from Skate[Slate] that there’s an all new Fernando Yuppie video out! Yes! That’s right. If you know who Fernando...

Bustin’s Best and Brightest

By: Eric Hoang

Oh buddy, the Bustin boards are some of the most well tested boards in the world. So it’s no surprise that they’re some of the most well designed boards in the world. Hailing from New York, these boards were tested in the busiest streets in the city that never...

Nike SB In Store Exclusives at Daddies Board Shop

By: Jeff Hannig

Nike SB was launched in 2002 with the release of an updated version of its popular basketball shoe, the Dunk Low, which featured padded collars and tongues. The original High Top Dunks have been worn by skaters for years thanks to features like its durable synthetic/leather upper and ankle...

Riley Harris: 2016, End Of The Line

By: Eric Hoang

***Celebrity Post by team rider, Riley Harris***My final adventure for 2016 was about to begin. This year I was fortunate enough to make it to the Philippines, all over Canada and the USA, and Europe as well. I had done some research on a new upcoming scene and event...

The Loaded Tan Tien

By: Eric Hoang

Hallelujah boys and girls, we have the all new Loaded Tan Tien! A board that has paved the way for the style, comradery, and fun loving nature that is longboarding. If you haven’t popped your peepers at the old Loaded Tim Tam Tan Tien video, you’ve missed a huge...

Landyachtz: 1 Board, 1 Tree

By: Jeff Hannig

Landyachtz believes in Maple. It believes it is the superior wood for skateboards and so do we. The problem with Maple being so good is that it’s in high demand, which is why Landyachtz came up with the One Board, One Tree program. For every board Landyachtz sells, it...

KR3W’s Rehab Denim

rehab close
By: Jeff Hannig

In an effort to reduce the amount of dreaded baggy knee jeans walking the streets today, KREW developed Rehab Denim Technology. Elasticity in pants is great. It gives you the freedom to bend, jump, and sit in comfort while you wear cuts of jeans that were once restrictive and...

ShadowFit Binding Technology

ShadowFit Tech
By: Jeff Hannig

What’s ShadowFit Technology and why should I care? If you grew up skating or skateboard today, surely you’ve noticed the similarities between snowboarding and skateboarding. Even if you don’t skate, it’s easy to see the similarities. But what you don’t realize until you get on the snow is that...

The Banjo Player That Restored My Faith In The Internet

By: Eric Hoang

Well, there are some days when you peruse the internet and you feel full discomfort, disgust, and downright dread. You regret what you find, and see images that cannot be unseen. But some days, you just find an absolute gem, and it gives you hope for surfing the world...