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More street skateboarding stuff

By: Daddies Board Shop

So sorry about the lack of longboarding content in these last few posts.  It is just so much easier to gather some buddies up for an indoor session than it is to find guys who want to go bomb in the rain.  So my friend Robert and I went...

Abec 11 / Sublime Fernando Yuppie 62mm Powerslides!

By: Daddies Board Shop

Now, I’m not the best at techsliding, and when I say that I mean, I’ve never really done techsliding at all.  BUT I did grow up skateboarding and powerslides are definitely common place.  SO I decided to see how well the Sublime / Abec 11 Fernando Yuppie 62mm Powerslides...

Orangatang Balut Freeride Wheels Everwherre

By: Daddies Board Shop

It seems the new Balut wheels from Orangatang are making a splash in more markets than just our own.  This dude stopped by our shop today with 80a Orange Baluts on his candy painted orange wip and was all too eager to flip the switches and demonstrate how high this light...

Rainy Day Activities

bang your set
By: Daddies Board Shop

Yesterday, after hours of unconventional mid-winter sunlight in Portland, in began to pour rain.  This was especially disappointing because I was minutes away from ditching out on the last few hours of work to go bomb some hills and watch my comrade slip slide away on some new Fernando...

Alex Tongue and other Orangatang riders going big!

By: Daddies Board Shop Check out Daddies Board Shop team rider Alex Tongue in Big Wheels and Longboards!  He joins fellow Orangatang riders, including the much loved Patrick Switzer and Maxim Garant Rouseau, in an awesome run down the Italian Alps.  Aside from some amazing longboarding its awesome to see those other...


By: Daddies Board Shop

So this is in no way punking off Thrasher, I love thrasher and read them all the time.  Im on their site everyday peeping new videos.  In fact I have had like three stoke of the days! We just thought this would be fun to do.  and hope you...

Some things!

By: Daddies Board Shop  –  Check this Video out sent to us by Alexey Romanov!  If you guys dont know, he is our homie over in Russia!  Spreading the stoke and getting more and more people on board!I saw these a while ago and got to play around with them.  They are...

Volantes are IN!!!!!

By: Daddies Board Shop

Oh Snap would you look at these bad boys!   Comet and Caliber teamed up to bring you some of the best freeride wheels out there. 68mm, centerset, 82a duro’s of goodness!  Get ready cause these are G-G-G-Gangster.