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Kurtis Thompson : Rippin it up!

By: Daddies Board Shop So I met this little homie a while back up at a Rayne Slide Jam in Vancouver BC. I was chatting with his dad for a bit while I was shooting some pictures. In fact… I think I still have some pics of him! He was definitely killing...

DBS Rider update: Pam “Pampita” Diaz!

By: Daddies Board Shop

Check out some photos that Pam Diaz recently sent us, we are STOKED on these and they look super good!

Fancy Slide Jam! Lots of DBS GOLD!

By: Daddies Board Shop

The Landyachtz EH TEAM and DADDIES BOARD SHOP rider Katie Neilson is on the road doing an East Coast Tour of college campus’s between New York and Florida, making stops everywhere including Chapel Hill, North Carolina where there were sightings of little rippers in Orange all day.  In a...

Longboarding: Insane in the membrane.

By: Daddies Board Shop Here is another solid video sent to us by the FP crew! Pretty stoked on this too, lots of burly  stand ups and shove its to be seen in this bad boy as well!!! Man these dudes kill it.

Crackers and Sticks!

By: Daddies Board Shop Wow… some pretty awesome riding going down in here. Insane amount of 360 shove-its… AND there is something new in the works from these guys too! Cant wait to see what they have up their sleeve next!

Juan Mercado again…

By: Daddies Board Shop One of our Ambassadors sent us another video. Juan is doing his thing with no comply slides!

The Penny Skateboards “Nickel”

By: Daddies Board Shop Hey there everyone… check out Shop employee Spencer Morgan Knuttila scooting around on his Penny Nickel! These things are insanely fun! It is 27 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, comes with 4 inch trucks and super smooth 59mm 78a wheels. These things are perfect for cruising around with...

The Penny Skateboards “Penny!”

By: Daddies Board Shop Skateboarding is a sport that can get very technical and advanced. Almost every day a different company is coming out saying that they have the best “this” or “that.” Well, when you strip skateboarding down to it’s roots it is all about fun right? Everyone who shares the...

Anthony Bittner (Tony B): Our newest shop employee

By: Daddies Board Shop

This is how our day started out as we got off of work. We had a little session in the parking lot. Anthony has some springs on him so he popped over this trash can pretty easy, he is like a foot over it. Having some standard skating abilities...

Juan Mercado!

By: Daddies Board Shop

Im not sure if many people know but we have been working on an ambassador program to  help spread the stoke. We are trying to hook up up and coming riders from all over the place. Here is one of our homies, Juan Mercado doing his thang, getting all...