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By: Daddies Board Shop

So many of you are familiar with our team… but are you familiar with our secret project? Of course not! Cause its a secret right now! Doing a lot of development though and pretty soon (hopefully) you guys will start seeing some more fun stuff.  Right now we are...


By: Daddies Board Shop

PEEP THISSSS!!!!IGSA COVERAGE![vimeo w=400&h=225]Maryhill 2011 – official video from Yvon Labarthe on Vimeo.AS you can see Skatie Katie is bum rushing everything world cup wise. ¬†She is crushing all the races and reppin the shizz out of daddies board shop! Could we be more stoked… NOPE! SHE IS...

Daddies at Maryhill! The race from our eyes!

By: Daddies Board Shop

Mischo Erban and Katie Neilson! Rebekka Gemperle and Andrew Chapman (theyd be a good couple!) Andrew Chapman, Zak Maytum, James kelly International Buddies! Rebekka Gemperle & Ramon Konigshausen Katie Neilson and the Legendary Chris Chaput Kody Noble (all around slayer) Rayne Mastermind and board master Graham Buksa (NOT BUSKA!)...

Chris Chaput at Daddies

By: Daddies Board Shop

Hey everyone,  With Maryhill brewing and everyone coming from all corners of the world to race we had a surprise visit form the one and only Chris Chaput!  He came in, we all chit-chatted, I got some photos, and I will be seeing him again this weekend for qualifying...

2011 Fastest Growing Companies Awards!

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Woooo boy… last night was a legendary night that everyone is going to remember… I mean, we cant really remember but nobody forgot us and thats for sure.  Like every year… we showed up at the Fastest Growing Company Awards and stole the show! We were number 39 out...

National Go Skateboarding Day

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Oh National Go Skateboarding Day… you got the best of me… I got broke off… ended up getting my wrist x-rayed… no bueno.  But ya know what is bueno? Hooking kids up and getting them stoked out of their minds!  Here at daddies, we are pretty good at that!...

Daddies Blowin up the scene in the gorge!

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Colton Carnahan – Blunt Fakie Colton Carnahan and Dylan Blakesley – Monkey Business Dylan Blakesley – FS disaster Joe Kiser – FS Tailblock Joe Kiser – FS air Joe Kiser – FS rock So Me (spencer) and Mikey from here at Daddies rolled out to some of the parks...

Hood River/Bingen/The Dalles Skatepark trip!

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Here is a little video of us all burnt out on the last day of our trip! we had skated parks from basically early in the morning until late at night for 3 days and by this time we were exhausted! We posted up on the smallest feature at...