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The Banjo Player That Restored My Faith In The Internet

By: Eric Hoang

Well, there are some days when you peruse the internet and you feel full discomfort, disgust, and downright dread. You regret what you find, and see images that cannot be unseen. But some days, you just find an absolute gem, and it gives you hope for surfing the world...

Daddies At The SkiFever & Snowboard Expo

By: Jeff Hannig

We’re loading all our new snowboard gear onto a truck and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for Portland Ski Fever! Her Majesty (Mt. Hood) is looking gorgeous as ever with a nice white coating and we couldn’t be more excited to kick the season off with...

Push In The Woods 2016

By: Robin McGuirk

This 4th annual event went down on Sunday October 2nd on the first rainy day this event has seen, but not too uncommon in Oregon. That didn’t stop 50 plus riders from coming out to experience NW distance racing at Push In The Woods for 5K and 10K. Located...

Rayne Darkside Series

By: Eric Hoang

The Rayne Darkside series has to be my favorite boards around. It’s one of those boards that fits my style very well. It’s speed stiff, letting me downhill on it. The rocker platform with the micro drops lock me in, giving me the locked in feeling for freeriding. No...

Sector 9 Jackson Shapiera Pro Model

By: Eric Hoang

All the way from down under, well, down in California because we’re based in Oregon. But everyone’s favorite Aussie is back at it again with his own promodel. Jackson Shapiera has been racing for years, and outracing some of your favorite pros. So it was only suiting that he...

Making Loaded’s Chicken of The Stars

By: Daddies Board Shop

Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand and appreciate the world around us. Thanks to the magic of digital cameras and tireless film crews, we’re able to experience some of life’s greatest miracles first hand. One such miracle is the birth and maturation of the allusive Loaded Icarus...

New Rayne Whips

By: Eric Hoang

You must have been the dance commander, you know that he’s the only one who gives the orders here. The all new Rayne Whips are here, and they’re causing a storm. Ghost Ride All ThreeThis time, they come in 3 all new sizes. 41, 44, and 47, giving you...

Burton ’17 Cheat Sheet

By: Jeff Hannig

Burton is celebrating 40 years of snowboarding; 40 years of building, rebuilding, respecting, and progressing. Burton was part of the birth of snowboarding – it doesn’t take credit for inventing it, but it does take credit for “keeping with it since 1977.” Keeping with it, as in believing when...

Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada

By: Eric Hoang

Team rider Emily Pross is a beast. She’s too good for our own good. With first place finishes all around the world, it was only fitting that she be our eyes and ears at the Top Speed Challenge. With riders all around the world challenging the Guinness Book of...

Prism Skate Co

pilgrims-thumb (1)
By: Eric Hoang

Well, what do you get when you combine some of the fastest riders in the world, backed by one of the most stable truck companies in the world, and finish it off with name brand wheels, grip, and bearings? Prism Skate Co of course! They’ve team up with world...