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A Day Out With The Rayne Mini

All the components working in harmony, including the Sriracha.
By: Eric Hoang

As you may know, mostly because I’ve been crying about it on the internet, I broke my collarbone. Boohoo. It hurt, it sucked, and I had to get surgery for it. But the worst part? I can’t skate! I can’t slide, I can’t drift, I can’t put on my...

Lib Tech’s Tech Cheat Sheet

By: Jeff Hannig

For the review of Lib Tech’s 2017 lineup, we decided to explain the differences in Lib Tech’s contour/camber. It’s pretty simple: the easiest contour to ride starts yellow and progresses to red as the level of riding/difficulty increases. We hope these short descriptions help you to find the Lib...

Push In The Woods 2016

A photo by Carmine De Fazio.
By: Robin McGuirk

This 4th annual event is going down the first weekend of October this year. The past 3 years it’s been a one day event on Sunday located in Banks, OR, but this year we’ve added extra events on Saturday. The 5K and 10K race on the Banks/Vernonia Trail will...

Class of 2017: GNU

By: Jeff Hannig

GNU has made a name for itself in Snowboarding for not shying away from trying new things: be it wild art, color combinations, or materials, GNU has always been down for pushing the boundaries of snowboarding through imagination and experimentation. The gents over on Mt. Weird are coming out...

Triple Beam

By: Eric Hoang

Keeping the dream alive. The Triple Beam Dream that is. The all new Landyachtz Triple Beam is here, and it sure is techy. Sit down, kick your shoes off, and have yourself a read. It’s gonna be a good one. We’ll wait. Comfortable? Got your snacks? Good. Let’s get...

Getting Technical with DB Longboards

By: Jeff Hannig

Based out of Washington State, DB Longboards is Daddies’ neighbor to the north! The DB crew has been crafting boards since 2003 and over the years has built a reputation for their quality construction and progressive deck design capabilities. In recent years DB has seriously stepped up their game...

Never Summer 2017 Snowboards

Never Summer 2017 Snowboards
By: Daddies Board Shop

Who’s ready for El Nino? Just Last year El Nino brought us an amazing season here in the Pacific Northwest and let me tell you, none of us were ready. Yet Never Summer has the Snowboard industry on lock when it comes to all different riding styles on the...

Rockin’ Socks On Lock

By: Jeff Hannig

Stock up on socks. It’s summer, so that means it’s time for shorts. And with shorts, you have two choices: go sockless or rock some killer socks. Here are some of our fav’s for this summer. Nintendo x Vans, Donkey Kong Vans and Nintendo are a match made in...

Leather Envy

iron leather
By: Jeff Hannig

Odds are you don’t have leathers. But everyone you idolize does. So what the hell should you do? Stop skating? Stop pushing yourself? Absolutely not. Instead, read about what your favorite riders wore before they could afford leathers. We’ve asked our team riders, friends, and favorite riders what they...

longboarding’s Awkward Stage

By: Jeff Hannig

Remember when you were in elementary school and you were friends with everyone you met? And then you got a little bit older and started to reign in your group of friends? That’s what longboarding is doing: it’s consolidating. Those who got into the sport 10 years ago have...