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Rockin’ Socks On Lock

By: Jeff Hannig

Stock up on socks. It’s summer, so that means it’s time for shorts. And with shorts, you have two choices: go sockless or rock some killer socks. Here are some of our fav’s for this summer. Nintendo x Vans, Donkey Kong Vans and Nintendo are a match made in...

Leather Envy

iron leather
By: Jeff Hannig

Odds are you don’t have leathers. But everyone you idolize does. So what the hell should you do? Stop skating? Stop pushing yourself? Absolutely not. Instead, read about what your favorite riders wore before they could afford leathers. We’ve asked our team riders, friends, and favorite riders what they...

longboarding’s Awkward Stage

By: Jeff Hannig

Remember when you were in elementary school and you were friends with everyone you met? And then you got a little bit older and started to reign in your group of friends? That’s what longboarding is doing: it’s consolidating. Those who got into the sport 10 years ago have...

A Conversation with Greg Noble of Team NoBull

By: Jeff Hannig

Greg Noble is the heart of the longboard crew Team NoBull which originated out of Texas. He’s the living, breathing, personification of the crew, and he’s pretty much what you’d expect – a ball of energy. He and some of his crew came out to Portland for the G-Ride...

Loaded Icarus Board (Exclusive)

By: Eric Hoang

Flight of the Icarus! The Loaded Icarus is here to set you free. Freshly pressed from the Loaded Factory, this board is unlike anything we’ve seen before. This board is 38.5 inches long, 8.75 inches wide, with a 28 inch wheelbase. Right off the bat, we set this thAAng...

Save A Tree, Ride A Comet.

Jason Salfi
By: Jeff Hannig

Jason Salfi owns Comet Skateboards, an East Coast skateboard company known for ignoring the often distinct line drawn in the sand between longboards and skateboards. The start of his relationship with skateboarding is fairly typical, but the story of Salfi becoming a lifelong skateboarder and developer of the Comet...

P-Town Throwdown Champ

Cummings (center) sporting a well deserved smirk after defending his 2015 P-Town Throwdown Title.
By: Jeff Hannig

Colby Cummings (center) proves his 2015 P-Town Throwdown win was no fluke after winning again for back to back wins in 2016. Cummings has aspirations to beat the course record next year, so in the spirit of long distance push racing, it would seem the lead he has on...

The First Year vs. The First 48 Hours

The Destination for my first 48? The Mecca, Maryhill.
By: Jeff Hannig

It took me about a year or so to learn how to grind a curb, kickflip, and confidently ride down a hill on a skateboard. When I was a kid, skateboarding was an adventure; something to do with my friends; a non-stop challenge. But as I got older, the...

The First 48: P Town Throwdown

By: Jeff Hannig

I pulled up to a packed parking lot of skateboarders with drop through boards, downhill boards, popsicle boards, and cruisers. It was my first longboarding event and the first stop of my first 48 hours of longboarding–our plan was to finish P-Town Throwdown and go skate Maryhill for Memorial...

Getting ready for P-Town Throwdown

By: Jeff Hannig

I put my board together and am getting ready to do my first race! Be it a push race, I’m still ready for my first longboard event. I’ll be shooting my experience with a Go-Pro and Snapchatting the whole thing on my personal account. Here’s a link to info...