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My Grip Hurts. Should I Call A Doctor?

Grip Out On Theses Colors Bro.
By: Eric Hoang

So your griptape hurts. Don’t you worry young one. No need to call a doctor or go to webMD. It’s a natural and normal thing. It’s what happens in the world of downhill skateboarding. You’ll get used to it, and you learn to live with it, and you’ll wonder...

Longboarding is NUTS. Where do I start?

I Know This: It's Probably Going To Hurt.
By: Jeff Hannig

The title is a real question: where do I start? In the 20 years that I’ve skated, I’ve never ridden a longboard. They have always intimidated me. Mainly, it’s their size and that (I thought) most of them didn’t have tails, which REALLY freaked me out. But since I...

P-Town Throwdown 2016: Pushing 8.5 Miles & Donating Over 7,000 Pounds of Food

Riders meet in the park to register and bring their food for donation to Oregon Food Bank.  Every 4 cans of food they bring, they receive one raffle ticket with no limit of 
how much food they donate.
By: Robin McGuirk

This 12th annual skateboard push race is going down again May 29th. The route leading from Mt.Tabor Park to Sellwood Park has been a tradition in Portland and definitely the longest running skateboard race in the Northwest. Riders meet in the park to register and bring their food for...

A Riff on the Skiff

Mr. Skiff
By: Daddies Board Shop

Are the minds at Orangatang creative geniuses or do they just have too much time on their hands? Their Skiff video “Mr. Skiff Virtual Adventure” is pretty fricking sweet as is their website.We love how across the board skateboarding is getting back to having fun and pushing the envelope...

Sector 9 Hatchet 2016

By: Daddies Board Shop

The 2016 Sector 9 Hatchet is a board for both the surfer and the lumberjack in your life. The ever elusive Lumberjack Surfer is not as rare as you might think. More and more surfers are taking on the nomadic Van life, filling up the adventure category on Social...

Sector 9 Savage 2016

By: Daddies Board Shop

Oh baby.Sector 9 is back at it again with the Savage.This board is a thrashin’ and slashin’ setup. It’s here to set free the street skater in you. Cut the padlock, hop the fence, pound an energy drink and set him free! If you love bombing hills, got into...

Sector 9 Woodshed 2016

By: Daddies Board Shop

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Be careful where you put that thing. Make sure you’re not keeping this in the woodshed because it’s way too rad to burn. Don’t get us wrong, this board is straight fire, but make sure to use the fire for blasting through the city, down hills...

Longboarding 101. Class In Session.

Robin's class celebrating the end of another class.  He his about to begin his 7th year in a row teaching classes that run from April through September in Portland, OR.  You can also take private lessons from him throughout the year.  Photo by Eastside Longboards
By: Robin McGuirk

I started my seventh year of teaching classes at Mt.Tabor through Portland Community College this Spring. That means I’ve helped hundreds of students of all ages, genders, and skill levels on how to become a better longboarder. How to manage your speed is the name of game, and doing...

The Sector 9 Shindig Will Replace Your Old Cruiser

By: Eric Hoang

So you say The Sector 9 Shindig is just like your old school cruiser? That you don’t need a new 2016 cruiser? That you’ll just ride your downhill board around town? So if we’re to understand you correctly, you’re saying that one skateboard is just as good as another?...

Finding Your Best Cruiser In 2016: The Getaway

By: Eric Hoang

The Sector 9 Getaway is a premier cruiser setup, but before I get into why this setup performs so well, I just want to stop and point out how good this board looks! From the cut of the pintail to the overall size of this cruiser, it’s a thing...