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2015 Landyachtz Longboards

Landyachtz 2015 Longboards
By: Eric Hoang

Oh baby. Landyachtz is here, Landyachtz is here! Get excited because spring is about much more than some cleaning, it’s about the 2015 Landyachtz Longboards lineup. There’s just so much to talk about; new things, old things, old things that are also new, and pro models galore! We’ll start...

Mortadella x De La Cruz

By: Pam Díaz

We are sure you’ve seen some nice pictures out there shot by our good friend De La Cruz Fotografia, he was official part of the 2nd #MortadellaJam collecting and snappin the best times around.

Gravity 2015 Longboards

Gravity Longboards 2015
By: Eric Hoang

Gravity is coming at you with 3 new boards this spring, the Gravity Big Spoon, the Gravity Big Kick, and the Gravity Mini Kick. These three boards perfectly fit in with any surfer lifestyle. When the waves are low, it’s time to hit the streets. The Gravity Big Spoon...

Hill Hunting RD Ocoa

By: Pam Díaz

In this episode of Hill Hunting RD we move into unknown lands, the South, and the result was better than expected . A combination of mountains , green fields and good asphalt roads make this area a special place to skate and go exploring.

Bustin 2015 Longboards

Bustin 2015 Longboards
By: Eric Hoang

Bustin has a full lineup for spring 2015, but they wanted to tease us all a little bit, so they’re giving us just a little taste of what’s in store. We’re happy to have the first half of Bustin’s 2015 lineup and trust us it’s more than enough to...

Mortadella Jam #2 Results

By: Pam Díaz

The 2nd #MortadellaJam was held by @pamdiazz and @gdivanna and presented by EncargoPAQ last January 4th on the beautiful Secret Spot located in Santo Domingo. It was not easy for the judges to decide who was gonna become the “King Of The Hill”, the guys were going pretty big...

Arbor 2015 Longboards Are In

Arbor 2015 Longboards
By: Pete Benda

Arbor has a STACKED lineup coming out this spring and these boards are ready to fill your quiver. No matter what you’re looking to ride, they have you covered. Each board is beautifully designed so lets get right into it! Starting with the Koa and Bamboo designs, these boards...

Longboarding 101 Spring Term at

By: Robin McGuirk

I am happy to announce the first Longboarding class of 2015 starting April 1st. This is my sixth year teaching at Portland Community College and I am super excited to continue the program! The class is once a week on Wednesdays at Mt.Tabor from 6-8pm. The location provides perfect...

Moonshine Longboards

Moonshine Longboards
By: Eric Hoang

Moonshine MFG is a brand new company that has already made a name for itself in the longboarding world. With an unmatched construction, Moonshine is here to take over the game. Moonshine Longboards will perfectly fill your quiver and your skate desires, whether it’s downhill, freeriding, or freestyle, these...

The New 2015 Madrid Longboards Line-Up

Madrid 2015 Longboards
By: Eric Hoang

This is Madrid No. 5. A little bit of pushing in my life. A little bit of sliding by my side. A little bit of racing is all I need. A little bit of Formica is what I see. A little bit of riding in the sun. If she...