Politic Skateboards

By: Daddies Board Shop
Politic Skateboards

The East coast has been producing great companies since the beginning of skateboarding. Politic Skateboards is one of those. Still small and appealing to the niche market, Politic Skateboards is coming out with some heavy-hitting graphics that are catching everyone’s attention. One of the many graphics gaining popularity is the ‘Church and State’ series. This series portrays cult leaders and U.S. Presidents together as one, so you can imagine they are raising eyebrows. Pairing Manson with Nixon, Koresh with Bush, and Applewhite with Clinton, these boards are sick.

With mellow shapes and boards that are made in the U.S.A., Politic is one of those brands that everyone should try out and one point or another. Danny Renaud and Steven Durante are just a few members of their growing team. There are crooks around every corner. Keep it alive, never sell out and continue to have a great time skateboarding.

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