Purple Orangatang Kegels

By: Pete Benda

You know, after a long day of work, nothing makes us happier than some Kegels. A very strong core is what’s important about the Kegels and that’s why we love them. But what’s better than a set of Kegels? Two sets of Kegels! That’s why Orangatang released the all new 83a Purple Kegels. These wheels are harder, faster, and more Kegelicious than the current set of wheels you’re riding.

The new 83a Purple Orangatang Kegels feature the same giant supportive core as before, so you know they’ll be fast and badass. The differences between the 83a Kegels and the 80a Kegels is that the new 83a will roll a bit faster because of the harder duro. These wheels will drift out a lot easier as well. For a course that you’ll want maximum speed, while needing to drift around corners, these wheels will be perfect for you.

If you want to be extra badass, get two sets and run an 83a in the front, and the 80a in the back. This will give you a very fast roll speed because of the harder wheels in the front, while also giving you the traction of the 80a in the back. But of course, this setup is only for the most baller of riders out there. The big badass monster truck of a wheel you’ve loved, in an all new purple formula – The Orangatang Kegel.

Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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