Sector 9 2014 Longboards

By: Pete Benda

Everything in the Sector 9 2014 lineup is made by masterful hands for the best, in not only quality, but design as well. If you don’t know who Victor Earhart is, do a little bit of research and thank this masterful man for making your longboards. And this year with Sector 9’s lineup, no matter what, you get an amazing board that’s been made better than ever. First up, the Classix Series from Sector 9. This includes all of the amazing pintail shapes you’ve known and loved. Perfectly paired up with a mild amount of flex and wide effective foot platform, these boards are just screaming to be cruised on at the board walk. Perfect for taking around campus as well, on those sunny days where it’s just too nice not to bring out your skateboard. But don’t be fooled, Sector 9 has a wild side as well. They have a whole plethora of boards that are ready and willing to hit those top speeds. And a completely new board for 2014 is the Sector 9 Carbon Flight. An all new top mount directional speed board with all the features you will need and none of the features you won’t. Perfect for those looking to win your next local race. For the speed demons out there, check out the all new Sector 9 Steam Rollers. They are fast, grippy, and destructive! They are a 73mm tall wheel with a 70mm contact patch. They ensure you to hold the inside line with the roll speed you’ve only ever dreamed of. Then there’s the new Sector 9 Marshmallows. These are an awesome mini cruiser wheel that’s soft and gushy to really soak up the road vibrations. But don’t think that’s all they are good for. The Marshmallows are also an amazing freeride wheel ready to thane. One of our old favorites has also had a graphic update in the Sector 9 Mini Shaka. So if you haven’t yet, make sure you give Sector 9 a look. You’re sure to find amazing new rides and old decks with revamped graphics.
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