The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka

By: Pete Benda
The 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka is a rad do it all board for any level of riding. From the beginner to the advanced, the Sector 9 Mini Shaka is designed to do it all. This board features a micro drop symmetrical standing foot platform, making this a freeriding dream. The micro drops creates a perfect pocket to lock your feet into. When looking to shove out 30 foot toeside checks, you’re sure to stay locked and loaded into this ride. The drops also fit a speed tuck perfectly. So if you’re ready to get in gear and charge your local runs with nothing but speed in mind, the Mini Shaka will be perfect for you. The dropped platform not only lowers you to the ground, making you more stable, but also makes pushing around town much easier. It’s designed for all skill levels out there. Equipped with asymmetrical nose and tail, this board is freeride and freestyle capable while also keeping you locked for going downhill, taking the fastest lines possible. Equipped for all styles of riding is the all new 2014 Sector 9 Mini Shaka.
Pete has been living and breathing skate culture since he was a damn baby.…
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