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Blood Orange Liam Morgan Wheels

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Wheels
By: Eric Hoang

We usually try to keep things a little bit more appropriate around Daddies Board Shop, but let’s be honest, there’s no other way to say it: the Blood Orange Liam Morgan Wheels shit thane. They murder the streets, offering a thaney sacrifice to the longboarding gods. What could be better than that? Two new durosRead More

Free Wheel Co.

Free Wheel Co
By: Eric Hoang

Free Wheel Co. is one of 2014’s hottest new wheel companies. We recently picked them up and couldn’t be any more excited. These wheels have anything you could be looking for. Coming in 4 different styles, they’re perfect for any setup out there. Let’s start with their standard freeride wheels: the Free Dumbs and FreeRead More

RAD Influence Pro Wheels

Rad Influence Pro Wheels
By: Pete Benda

RAD Wheels have been influential in changing the style of downhill skateboarding for years and now even RAD is being influenced! Two of the fastest and gnarliest downhill skateboarders out there have all new Pro Model RAD Wheels. First we have the Adam Persson RAD Influence Wheel. This wheel is a 70mm tall, has aRead More

20 Bangers from Caliber Trucks

Caliber Trucks Liam Morgan
By: Pam Díaz

Caliber Trucks are recognized all around the world because of their fine products, awesome graphic line and kickass and world famous team. They are also recognized for all their badass photography and style. I’m a BIG fan of their work, this is why I chose 20 “banger” shots, 20 of my favorites, it was aRead More