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P-Town Throwdown 2015

PTown Throwdown Poster 2015
By: Robin McGuirk

The 11th annual P-Town Throwdown is the NW longest running running skateboard race going down every year on Memorial Day weekend on Sunday. As tradition goes this event celebrates the 15 year old city ordinance 20.12.205 stating that skateboarding is a legal form of transportation in the city of Portland, OR. It’s also a beenRead More

Blood Orange Alpine Series Wheels

Blood Orange Alpine Series Wheels
By: Eric Hoang

One of the main purveyors of laying thane, Blood Orange has a new wheel for skating of all styles. They started with the Blood Orange Morgan series. These wheels helped Blood Orange make a name for themselves as one of the most freeride friendly wheel producers on the market. Having 3 different sizes, the 60mm,Read More

Sector 9 Matt K Wheels

Sector 9 Matt K Wheels
By: Pete Benda

Butter, style, and flow: all things that describe both Matt K, and his new pro model wheel, the Sector 9 Matt K Pro Wheel. These wheels are 65mm tall, made of a smooth 78a urethane, and are offset for absolute control. Matt K has always been a master of the standup slide having the utmostRead More

Islenos Pt. 2

By: Pam Díaz

After a good time skating his home hills in the island Gabriel De La Cruz, AKA Kurativo… found this very steep road in South DR! Frank Bueno ( was there again to make part #2 of Islenos.