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Adventure Time with Pam: PDX and Maryhill

Maryhill Longboarding
By: Pam Díaz

Last month I had the chance to go back to Portland after two years. My DBS teammate Marisa received me and took me for some great experiences around PDX. Shredding new hills is always awesome. I had a whole week to go and skate before heading to Washington for the 2014 Maryhill Festival of Speed..Read More

Hill Hunting RD

Hill Hunting on Longboards
By: Pam Díaz

#HillHuntingRD starts like a project towards finding the best hills in the Dominican Republic for the practice of downhill skateboarding, with the mission of documenting and sharing the stoke within the growing community of the sport. The project is held by Giancarlo Di Vanna, one of our top riders in the Dominican Republic that felt theRead More

3D Skateboards

3D Skateboards
By: Daddies Board Shop

Brought to you by the living legend Brian Anderson we have 3D Skateboards. The two-man team made up of Anderson and Austyn Gillette comes at us with some very aesthetically pleasing and clean graphics. As you look over their website and the descriptions of their graphics you can’t help but feel a sense of overwhelmingRead More

Arbor James Kelly and Liam Morgan Pro Models

Arbor Pro Model Boards
By: Eric Hoang

Two new boards coming straight out of California just hit the market.The all new Arbor Liam Morgan Pro Model and the Arbor James Kelly Pro Model. Designed by two of the top riders in the world, these boards are featured the best of the best. You can see the influence of their California roots aliveRead More