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Jet Hellfire Shred Sled – Jet Invasion Super Banger

Jet Hellfire and Jet Invasion
By: Eric Hoang

We are extremely happy to have the Jet Hellfire Shred Sled and the Jet Invasion Super Banger. Two setups you need in your ride as quiver killers. The Jet Shred Sled offers a versatile street skating style for both pools, parks, and a hint of tech sliding goodness as well. This double kick setup offersRead More

Bustin Bruno

Bustin Bruno Longboard
By: Eric Hoang

The Pro Model of Bruno the Kid. The Bustin Bruno is designed by this spanish rider for exactly his style, which, we aren’t able really point out quite yet. Watch this video, and let us know if you can figure it out. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Do you get what we mean now?! Gnarly, fast,Read More

K2 Snowboards

K2 Snowboards 2015
By: Jeff Acciaioli

Nowadays there are so many ways to bend a snowboard. The debate is always which is best, but really it should just be, which you like the best. Either way a few brands including K2 just figure the hell with it… and started making snowboards that are flat. The concept is similar to a hybridRead More

Gravity Slick Ricker

Gravity Slick Ricker
By: Eric Hoang

Who says all top mount directional speed boards need to be simple? If you want a rad top mount board, the Gravity Slick Ricker is here. This board will satisfy all of your downhilling and freeriding needs. With its winged out rails and gas pedals, this setup is a predrifter’s dream. The winged rails offerRead More