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Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

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  • Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
    Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
  • Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
    Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
  • Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
    Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings


Bones Swiss Ceramics are in a class by themselves. If you want the best there is, this is it. The Cerbec ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls.

Accelerate faster
Roll faster and farther
Resist dirt and moisture better
Help to repair injuries to your races caused by dirt
1 non-contact, removable rubber shields allow easy cleaning
High speed Nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed
Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best
performance and durability possible.

The bearings are great if you want some speed. The roll very smooth and quiet, worth the extra dough.
Evo + centrax + these = fast
Used these on roller skis
And they rock!
Could anyone tell me if these would be good for carving and cruising. If not, are they good for downhill? I'm starting to get into the higher speeds of longboarding and would like to know.
If you have the money get them....out the box 3min wheel spin,after about 45 of riding 7 minute wheel spin (i had on my otang kegels) without cleaning or lubing them. Great bearings,quiet and they just roll.
Buy them
Once you go Swiss Ceramic you never go different
I am not serving a life long sentence with Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings.. Compare them to any other set up and they will always come out on top.

I highly recommend the extra coin and they will treat you right.
not worth the money
I do tricks and was wondering if they'll break from the constant pressure and shock of hitting the concrete
These are reviews.
Stop asking questions in an area where I'm looking on the buyers take on them. I don't want to hear about your board setup or what you want to know about them. This is not a comment section. Might I direct you to r/longboarding on Reddit for questions and tutorials. They can help you there.
The best
So much better than bones red
So worth it
They ride like a dream so much better than my old bones red.
Are these bearings good for tricks and sliding on a longboard, are u sure they won't break... Help me plz!!!!
Are they better than bone super reds... and what bearing spacers go good with them?? Thx... btw I have a secter 9 mini shacka with butterball wheels and paris v2 trucks :)
these will make you go at least 20 mph faster on any hill.
Perfection. High quality engineering at its finest
These bearings are beautiful, its the only way to describe these. I have these in some DRR 75mm wheels, and out of the box without me stepping one foot on the board, they got well over a 2 minute spin. After 30min of riding small hills, and then a quick dissembly and lube with Nitroloil, i can easily get a 5min30sec spin. Quick and easy to break in, insanely smooth, very quiet and absolutely worth the 110.
very nice and fast. changed the oil with oust just to try it and it was even faster.
These are the best, just not the best bang for your buck.
These bearings are amazing. They're quiet, fast, and amazingly resilient. I've had them for 6 months and cleaned them on the fifth month. There was no rust and minimal dirt, even after riding on filthy roads and almost weekly in the rain. The only problem I have is these bearings are much more expensive than any others. They are the best, but there is a better bang for your buck. If you want ceramics, get either these or Reds Ceramics.
Amazing. 100% worth it. I have had these for awhile now and they are still as good when i got them. I love these bearings so much!
Are these bearings really that fast? Is it better than the IDS oust MOC abec 9? Love your site Dan Dan Loveland Writes - My personal opinion is that the MOC Abec 9 is a faster bearing with a better shield. I have tested both of these bearings in a slalom course with a timing system and I consistently recieved better times with the IDS MOC 9 bearings. Hope this helps you out.
Extremely fast
Extremely fast and quiet but I dont think they are worth 120 dollars
Bones Swiss Ceramics
First I had Bones Reds. I thougt they were good. Later my cousins got Bones Swiss Bearings. After riding with them, I felt like I could ollie 50 stairs. It took so many less pushes to start gonig fast then the Bones Reds. It was just a more smooth ride. Then I got Bones Swiss Ceramics. It only took 1 push to get going, and once your going you just keep accelerating. I'll never go back to Bones Reds or Swiss!
can't say enough...
first of all let me start saying that these bearings are 100% worth it. if i push once i just keep going. i not only got these for the performance but bought these for durability, they are almost water proof and the shields block out almost everything. at first i was a little disappointed because they did not roll very far but i found out that because they are what they are they are loaded with speed cream. i just time it today and they roll for 2 minutes. plus they aren't even broken in yet the speed cream is still there. this is the third week i had them and they aren't even broken in yet i cant wait to see these when they are broken in. don't be scared of these reviews you hear, if you are used to them to you they will go a perfect speed but to other people fast. COMES WITH AMAZING BEARING SPACERS DO NOT BUY SEPARATELY! buy these i promise they are worth it!
Let's face it, I just want to keep on rollin'
Hey everyone. I bought these bearings a while ago and do not regret it one bit. The price may be steep but that's how I roll...umm no pun intended (Okay maybe a little bit). These bearings are smooth, quiet and seem to never stop rolling. I live in the South Florida and there's not too many hills out here, So I bought these to help keep the creative longboarding juices flowing. Whether you live in the flats like me or in the hills these bearings will make your longboarding experience funner and smoother. Also cleaning these bearings is a breeze, keep them clean and they will be around forever. Buy these Bearings.
I bought these because I have the money, and I wanted the best.
I bought these because I have the money, and I wanted the best.
I just got my new loaded dervish 2 days ago. its my first longboard but ive ridden my friends a couple of times before. ive already started bombing insane hills and trying to slide. i have the dbs bearings that comes stock with the board. i dont no if i get these or not... suggestions?
Amazingly resilient.
I'm not gentle with these. I drop my deck on occasion, forget to clean them (sometimes for years) and they still run solid. (Though after a thorough cleaning they are much much better.) I've rode them in wet, dry, mud and puddles and theyre the same as the day I bought them nearly 5 years ago. I just wish I had some speed cream. ><
The Best!!!!!!
is the best is not compare oust moc 9 never never.. bombing hills and really of reaction in all moment..
The BEST!!!!
my hellcat doesn't stop with these bearings. My fellows are too scared to ride my board because it's soo fast!!!
Bones Swiss Ceramics
Best bearings ever
Ok for those not sure about the investment in these, they are 110% worth it. they take zero time to break in, and with a regular cleaning (i go every 2-3 months) they last forever. I've had mine for 3 1/2 years and they still outspin any bearing i've seen. ive used thse bearings in my old blades, and a couple longboards. seriously the fastest, longest lasting bearings available
Not the best
Ok I just got these and they are about as good as bones super reds if a bearing is Swiss doesn't make it faster and ceramic doesn't make it faster either if you want good bearings for much cheaper that are somewhat better get sector 9 ceramic race bearings or oust moc 9 airrrr
Funky Fresh
Once broken in they roll like a dream. Ive used loaded Jehu's and some abec 9's and there nowhere near this in quality, speed, or silence. Make sure you keep them in good shape by cleaning them and wishing them goodnight at bedtime. IMPORTANT! WHEN USING A SKATE TOOL TO PUT BEARINGS AND WHEELS ON TRUCKS, DON'T PUSH DOWN ON YOUR TOOL WHILE TIGHTENING NUTS ON YOUR TRUCK. AS WITH ANY BEARING TOO MUCH PRESSURE WILL BEND THE SHIELDS!! TREAT YOUR BEARINGS WITH CARE!!
these bearings are fantastic..i went from reds to super swiss 6 to these ceramics. and i thought the super swiss 6 were good...haha. these are so quiet, smooth, and fast its almost non realistic. no matter your budget, find a way to put these into your set up
best bearing on market
this bearing is one of the most best bearings you can ever get. they are expensive but worth it. these bearings are fast way faster than most bearing and durable.
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