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Cloud Ride Ozone Longboard Wheels 70mm
Cloud Ride Ozone Longboard Wheels 70mm
  • Size 70mm
  • Edge Rounded
  • Hub Center Set
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Cloud Ride Ozone Longboard Wheels 70mm - SET OF FOUR



If the board is to be used for all-around riding or getting around town, spacers are NOT needed. Spacers sit between the bearings in the wheel and provide additional stability for more advanced riding.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Nothing's goes with a new set of wheels better than a fresh set of bearings. If you're not sure what bearings do, they're what makes the wheels (and the entire board) move. They fit tightly and stay inside the wheel hubs using pressure. All skateboard bearings are sold in sets of 8 (2 per wheel).

Cloud Ride Ozone's are absolutely amazing! We're pretty sure their urethane formula is butter, just straight butter... we almost put them on our morning pancakes once, but didn't just in case. The Ozone is a rounded lip center set wheel that wears perfectly even and has one of the most controllable designs we've ever ridden, which makes them perfect for freeriding. A very good grip to slip ratio will give you the confidence to go faster into your slides. If you are looking to make it rain 'thane, the Cloud Ride Ozone's will do it. They will paint your roads like there is no tomorrow!

I've had these wheels for a month (83a) and have come to the conclusion that they are the best wheels for beginners. They feel like riding on a cloud and are easy to break loose for beginners.
Cloud ride ozones
Best wheels I have ever riddin so smooth and buttery slides get them now
Are the 86a any good for downhill?
Amazing, get them NOW
(I got these in 83a) These are AMAZING freeride wheels. They have the smoothest, sugariest, and most buttery slide I've ever felt! I've had them for a little while, my first session was in the Darktower hill in NYC. At any speed these slide amazing, break free easily but have a great grip that can really help when trying to get faster. First session, didn't have to break them in, immediately felt that amazing slide. They also DUMP thane at ANY weather condition! I thaned a ton at 30 degree weather! My first slide on them was the longest slide I'd ever done, dumping a TON of thane and measuring at 25 feet. Also, toesides are much more controllable on these wheels, although the first couple times, if you try them at really slow speeds tbey'll hook up on you. The wheels' also wear really well. Normally on the ton of slides I was pulling that day plus all the thane they were dumping, another wheel with those same characteristics would've coned a ton and I would have shaved off a couple mm. These looked like they had just been lightly cruised on for 3 minutes. No coning, no wearing, and a ton of thane. I know these will last me a long long time. Seriously, hurry up and get them! You won't regret it!
Want to know!?
Anyone tried these in 86a yet!?
i got these on my Switchblade and took them to my local hills with some friends and i hit like 20-25 mph ( or it felt like that ) and I kicked out a heel slide AND TOTALLY JIZZED MY PANTS they slide like flashbacks or butterballs and they last like forever. WHAT ARE YOU READING THIS FOR? BUY THESE AND EXPERIENCE THE UNCONTROLLABLE SLIDE-GASMS!!!
Nice like ice
These wheels are super nice and slide really well it almost the ground is ice and these wheels are butter the only problem is that they wear really fast one of my wheels started to cone after two days of non-stop riding so i had to flip it which is also a great feature center set so over all awesome wheels amazing slides but very short life span with these wheels
Amazing wheel, but kinda heavy
I've been riding these wheels for about 4 weeks now. I love them! They are the smoothest, quietest wheel I have ever ridden. And they slide really easily and I have a ton of control. Only problem is, they are kinda heavy and they slide less than you might think. I weigh about 130 and the 83a's slide like an 80. So make sure to go up on the euro. Second is, they aren't the lightest wheel. i have them with caliber 50's and a 2013 wolfshark and they make my setup a little bit on the heavier side. But they are still amazing wheels so Buy Them!
that's right you heard meee the new cloudride ozones slide like melted bananas. I pulled 333 ft standie with a side of extra steez. Which isn't up to my usual standards. I am currently nameless brand stock wheels and they are amazing I can pull extra steezy 350 ft standies in them
these wheels are good
I used these wheels and pulled out an ok 300 ft stand up slide but it wasn't up to my usual standards. I usually ride a nameless brand stock wheel that slides like melted bananas
great wheel but very grippy at first i would not get this wheel if you where a beginner at sliding but very smooth and buttery SO BUTTERY!!!!!!!!!!
these wheels are good but they cone relly fast but relly long nice slides
Great For Sliding
This wheels are the best wheels to slide with! To really perfect your slides, these are the wheels to get.
Best wheels
These wheels are awesome super buttery there worth every penny
favorite wheels ever
super consistent slide, that nice shhhhhh sound every time you slide when it gets close to the core super good for throwing quick technical tricks very thick thane
perfect wheels
they are perfect in every way from the first slide all the way to the core.
These wheels are awsome!! They are incredibly smooth when you go to pop a slide. And they are hella fast, I have 83a. People say they flat spot easy and I am about to core. The people saying that just need to learn how to slide.
awesome wheels
they slide basically by themselfs
best wheels ever ridden
I have rode a bunch of buttery wheels including freerides, butterballs, and metro motions. By far these wheels have been my favorite, they are the most butter wheel I have rode and you need to get them if you want the most amazing wheel ever.
Very, very smooth
Right out of the box these wheels slid like butter. Very controllable, very easy to slide. They are very predictable and easy to break free. The only bad thing I have to say about them is that they flatspotted pretty easily: I did a slow toe-side check and flatspotted one of the wheels - and that was at the beginning of my FIRST SESSION. But, they are wonderful anyway. GET THEM.
Extremely Amazing
These wheels are pretty predicting, they feel really smooth, they are quiet, they leave an amazing thane and they grippy you actually need for corners or for high speed slides, the only thing I didnt love about this wheels where the flatspots, I always try to make my standies curvy but even tho, they wear out pretty fast, i used them 3 days, but 3 6+ hours shredding days and I can't use them anymore because theyre REALLY flatspotted, but if you have the money, and want an amazing freeriding wheel, make sure you get a pair of these, deffinitely buying another pair for me soon...
These wheels are straight ICE and the shipping was terra-fast! pumped on steppin up my game!
These wheels are so icy smooth and the shipping when i paid for priority 3 days was exact! I love these wheels looking foward to increase my game
Butter disguised as wheels...
The wheels are shockingly good! Don't put emphasis on the "good," because I expected that, put emphasis on the "shockingly," because they are SHOCKINGLY good. I just replaced some checkers with these babies, threw them on my lunch tray, and they are amazing! They grip a little initially, which is nice when riding fast, but they're still predictable. They're silent when sliding, smoother than any wheel I've ridden, and all-around perfect. BUY THESE.
Amazing wheels
I have been riding the 83a ozones for 3 months now and they have an insanely predictable slide. it certainly feels like a lower duro than 83a but i only weigh 110 lbs. They give me great confidence when going into a fast slide because i know they will be smooth and predictable. They are definitely worth the money, and plus they are centerset so they will last longer and can be flipped.
"Cloud Sliding"
If you could imagine sliding on a cloud then that's how Cloud Ride Ozone's feel! I have 70mm 80a and they slide effortlessly. Whether you've been sliding for years or just learning, get these Cloud Ride Ozone's and your slides will be long enough to make it rain!
Get the 83a !!!
These wheels are pure butter, great for freeride. I love the centerset core because I can flip the sides if they are cone. !!!! My slides are so much bigger. Just buy this wheel give your board, yourself a great present !!!!! And she lives thane .............. BUY BUY BUY -
Good New wheel
When I first got this wheel(s) I tried sliding and they gripped like no-ones business. After I broke them in more, they still gripped, even in the 83a. They slide quiet but are not a slow sliding wheels. If you are going to learn how to slide, dont get these. I learned to slide on abec 11 freerides and would have to stay with those. If you are looking for a really light wheel for tricks and flips, this is the wheel. They are like marshmallows compared to other heavier wheels. I almost did a double shovit the first time I used these. Overall good wheel, but not for beginning freeriders.
Awesome wheel! Great for downhill, cruising, and sliding! Good for anything! Highly recommend these.
These are so smooth i was so stoked to get them grate job on shipping daddies and these are legitamantly butter good as usual cloud ride
Legit butter
Honestly dudes, right when these wheels showed up at my door I put them on my swithblade 38 next thing you know I try my first slide on these and almost do a 360 no joke.... I broke them in a little and did a few perfect 180s.... My suggestion guys please buy these wheels they are so amazing
Intriguing- 83a
I really like these wheels, very quiet and slide well. The only thing i have found a fault in it that the even stone-ground, the wheel is very sticky going into slides. Im sure once I break them in more they will be lovely but out of the box they were surprisingly grippy.

Don't get me wrong, go with these wheels, they are better than most big-name brands. They are very light with the core, i was over-spinning on my shuvits. Overall, once broken in well they will be my new favorite wheel. Went from abec 11 freerides 78a and these are very comfortable for a new brand. GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET HOT!!!
A Gift From Heaven
I've cored many free-ride wheels like the 80a S9 Butterballs, 81a ABEC11 Flashbacks, 84a zombie hawgs, and the 80a S9 Race Forms, and I can tell you that the 83a Cloud Ride Ozones are the best free-ride specific wheels I've road to date.

They have a surprisingly controllable slide for an 83a wheel compared to the butterballs, flashbacks, and zombies. At speeds under 15mph the slide feels chalk like but between the 15-25mph range they are just pure buttery goodness. They haven't iced out on me yet and they're about 60mm now. The slide is such a chatterless and smooth slide that if clouds made sounds, that is what they would sound like.

Overall, they’re a great free-ride specific wheel

Until I find something better, the Ozones are going on all my boards.
Probably the best wheel I've ever owned. Took them to switchbacks in Portland right when I got them and the first slide felt like I had had them for weeks. Super smooth right away and haven't shown a single sign of wearing down a millimeter. My average slide is like 30 feet and I only weigh about 130 but they still thane a bunch and are super smooth. Even though the price is a little higher than a lot of other wheels, they last so much longer, so you save in the long run.
the cloud ride ozone wheels are literally perfect for anything and everything i dont think i will need another pair of wheels in my life! but only put down is the price but oh well there AMAZING! wheels!
awwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
these wheels are made of butter
these wheels are super smooth right out of the box and slide amazing. super predictable and never ice out, and once worn down a little they leave good thane lines. BUY NOW ITS WORTH IT
Great Wheels
I LOVE CLOUD OZONE 83A WHEELS! got them about a month ago and have ridden them everyday sense i got them! they are grippy if trying to make a corner but are easy to brake into a slide! Only downside to them is they burn down fast! but they leave cool four wheel thane and they are surprisingly good in the rain too
these wheels are the definition of butter, right out of the box theyre buttery and silent. No chatter and im already leaving thane after a day of riding. These wheels are the shit and help with big standies. plus if youre riding top mount the 70mm helps. GET THESE WHEELS.
ride a lot like a volante morgan but leave more thane, they dont paint your roads like advertised though, my local hill is still the same color.
Awesome freeride wheels!!!! made big standies way easier and left awesome thane lines. the 83a's were rad, really wanna try the 83's
great for freeriding
usually ride abec 11 wheels but took a chance on these. hella buttery slides and leave great thane lines. got the 83a but really wanna try the 80's.
DBS Listens to my emails!
Thanks daddies , I knew you would get them in store. They are amazing
these wheels are soo nice. i weigh about 150 and i got the 83a. they are amazingly smooth and constant they leave so much thane and are ridable out of the box. in fact some of the best slides are the very first ones.
they wear fast and are great for super fast and nice and slow sliding. they are grippy when they need it and sooooo so so slidey.
Great wheels tons of thane
I have had these wheels for 3 or so weeks( about 8-9 sessions) and they barely have a sign of wear they wear very evenly the are very smooth and predictable they have a great feeling slide. Also they thane a bunch.
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