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DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers

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  • DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
    DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
  • DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
    DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
  • DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers
    DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers

DBS V2 Ceramic Bearings w/ Built In Spacers

Out of Stock
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DBS Ceramic Bearings with built in 8mm x 10mm spacers. Eliminates the need to purchase additional spacers as well as giving you a smoother glide and longer bearing life. DBS Ceramics are a shop favorite for longboards and cruisers. These are super smooth bearing at a killer price.

fantasmic bearings!
These things are great! Especially if you want to try ceramics for the first time but don't have a bunch of $ to dump on em! Although I may convert to only ceramic after this, I have two sets I like that are just as good which are 6 ball tektons and zealous! All these bearings are awesome all round and cheap enough to not break the bank, and fast enough that if you got the skills they will put you on a podium!
Always Out of Stock :/
I wanna try them...but the always out of stock
These are awesome for downhill, and have great, push.
Paired with abec 11 flashbacks, and caliber 44's = Bliss
Great bearings
I'v been riding these for about 2 years, pushing to class in the rain, skating in salty sand by the beach, and bombing in the upper 50's, and i havent found a single thing wrong with them. they spin and spin and spin and spin forever, and i'v only lubed them maybe twice. awesome product. just need speedrings, but who doesn't have speedrings? local shops give them away for free usually. it sucks you can't order more than one set at a time, because i want these on all my decks.
rain or shine
I got these to put on my penny board, hoping i'd be able to ride on the rainiest of days in the great northwest washington, without ruining any more bearings. I've hit some pretty decent puddles and so far so good. You can't really beat the price, either. Plus, everybody loves free stickers. Thanks daddies.
awesome. (packaged in USA but made in China lololololol)
best bearings i have ridden, out of bones black panthers penny bitlin and more. everyone says don't spend more on bearings but these are worth it.
Best deal around!
At this price, you won't find a better bearing. That's it.
So glad I took a chance on these!
These bearings ROCK!!! Super, silky smooth ride. For the money you just can't buy a better bearing than Daddies Ceramics. Stop thinking about it, and just buy a set already. You will be very happy you did!
Good spin, but loose fitting which adds to the noise factor. I have not put a caliper on them but it seems they are closer to 10mm instead of the 8mm I ordered to fit my Randals. Other reviewer cited tight fit, so maybe there is a QC issue with the manufacturer. Great price point however.
Some guy
Great bearings at an incredibly low price. Total winners here.
holy cow, i just got these today, and right out of the box they spun for 3:40! faster and longer than my friends broken in swiss! unbelievable, especially at this price, thanks for one hell of a deal!!
i just got these bearings, and they spin just as good as my well worn in super bones! you sure get your bang for your buck with these bearings.
Question about these awesome bearings
I ordered these with my last wheel purchase from DBS, I was skeptical but after some use, they are super awesome! I have never used bearings that are as smooth and quiet as these. I usually use MHS bearings or Bones reds, but they are both really loud and scratchy feeling compared to these. One question though, do you need to use speed-rings when using these? Are they designed like biltins to not need speedrings in addition to no spacers? Dan Loveland Writes----- You need to use your speed rings with these bearings. Happy skating.
Good quality. but i dont like the sticky thick grease/lube
I took the bearings out of the two tubes, and find that it would spin freely. so i cleaned all the clear grease and lubed them with my own lube and it was legen.. wait for it...... DARY... LEGENDARY :) Probably the best set of bearings ive had to date.. I dont need no spacers anymore! and they are considerably cheap! Thanks Daddies!
Meet me in the middle baby( built in spacers)
I was totally stocked that my brohanisburg's over at DBS decided get some kick ass new shop bearings. Longboarding has come so far but thank God there are still bargains. Shred the Gnar
Good bearing
Just got a set in the mail and they spin very nice. One problem was that 4 of the 8 bearings were milled out to small and they did not fit over my axle shaft. Called DBS and without question they sent me out 4 more!!! Thats good customer service. No making me ship the bad bearings back then wait for them to decide to replace them...nope! They just sent the new ones right out. Great job Sarah at DBS, I am always gonna get my stuff from here!
good, for the price
Me and a buddy both have a set of these bearings. Roll speed is good, but on both sets the built in spacers are too short and do not touch one another. Maybe this problem has been fixed with the v2s, but if not, a speed ring in between will.
Smooth ride and long roll. I love these bearings, you can't get better for the price and they save the troubles associated with spacers!
smoothe as hell! these really are worth the 25 bucks. only problem is if you like to slide, these are okay, they get loud and get sticky. i still think theyre great and are excellent! good work DBS!
great bearing.
these are a great bearing. they are quiet and a really nice bearing. they don't free spin for very long but if you put weight on it like when riding... they go for ever. nice bearing. get them 100% worth the cheap 25 bucks!
The Greatest Bearing Purchase for a High Quality Product
These are exactly what you see in the picture; high grade, ceramic bearings with built in spacers. FOR 25 DOLLARS. THAT IS AN OUTRAGEOUS PRICE considering that ceramics go for 70+ and having built in spacers also makes this a 3 for 1 deal. The rubber shield can be easily removed but at the same time protects the bearings from dirt and grime. Do NOT ride in the rain or the snow because they will get inside the bearing and rust it instantly. Do not do that to yourself. Keep them alive, clean them, and they will last you a good 10 years.
smooth as smoothies!
These bearings don't make a single noise. You could through your neighbors house at midnight (not that I suggest that)and they wouldn't hear a thing with these babies! They're smooth, ceramics with built in spacers for only $25. One awesome buy!
Good bearings for the price.
They roll pretty well and are ceramic (awesome!) There are several downsides to them though. They are a little noisy and I feel like the spacer in the middle is the wrong size or something. My wheels still wiggle around even though the bolt is tightened well.
HUGE Upgrade!
When I first bought my Loaded Dervish, I had the DBS ABEC 7 bearings. It didnt take long before I knew I had to upgrade to these and when I did, the difference was HUGE! These were exactly what I was looking for! They seriously spin forever. The price is amazing for the performance you receive. This is an upgrade that everyone needs! Youll be surprised how sweet these really are. Thanks for carrying another awesome product Daddies! (Here is a comparison video I made!)
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