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Landyachtz Limited Edition Mavet2 Longboard Complete

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Landyachtz Limited Edition Mavet2 Longboard Complete

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  • Length:36.00
  • Width:9.50
  • Wheelbase:27.00
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Limited Edition Mavet2 Longboard Complete



Quick Overview

This is our diabolical creation that is great for city mashing, technical freeride, and downhill!

The Landyachtz and Daddies Board Shop collaboration is back in full effect. The original Mavet stoked shredders out worldwide. The demand was so intense that we decided to reissue the board with a fresh graphic that is better than ever. The Mavet2 Collaboration longboard is the brainchild of Daddies' employees and the master craftsmen up at Landyachtz. The back story: we loved the Landyachtz Switchblade 40 when it first arrived on the scene (still do) and fell in love all over again when Landyachtz introduced the Switchblade 36. However, we wanted something that would give us a bit more grip so we created the Mavet2, a topmount version of the Switchblade 36. It is nice and nimble like you would expect with a shorter deck, but it still has the grippy performance found in topmount longboards! It is great for smashing around the city or for fast, technical freeriding! Some of our shorter employees like it for bombing down hills as well! If you like aggressive concave and loads of control then you are going to love the Landyachtz and Daddies Board Shop Mavet2 Collaboration longboard!

Recommended Components:

-Landyachtz Bear Grizzly 852 180mm Trucks

-Landyachtz 80a 70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs

-Bones Reds Bearings

The Mavet2 is our limited edition, sinister and diabolical creation with Landyachtz Longboards! It has emerged from the deepest and darkest reaches of our twisted brains! The Mavet is the only topmount Switchblade 36 out there! We love the shape of the Switchblade and wanted to see how we could change it up to perform differently at high speeds. It is 36 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and has a 27 inch wheelbase. We view the Mavet as an incredibly versatile board that can handle whatever you throw at it! Length-wise it works well as a cruiser to mob through the streets because it has a nice and sharp turning radius. At the same time, downhill boards are getting much smaller because riders’ skill levels have been sky-rocketing. Being 36 inches the Mavet is a relatively compact board but still has a stable 27 inch wheelbase that will handle any speed.

The feature that sets the Mavet apart from the Switchblade 36 is the topmount truck mounting. Normally the Switchblade sits very low to the ground and is great for technical downhill and sliding. With the Mavet we wanted to make a board that would offer the same functionality as the Switchblade but one that would offer a bit more grip at high speeds. The Mavet actually sits pretty high up and feels really good, especially when you are cornering at higher speeds! You get more grip from a board with a higher ride-height. Along with that added grip comes the ability to freeride at higher speeds without worrying about your board shooting out from under you. The Mavet is super fun for freeriding because of its smaller and more nimble shape! You can whip it around like crazy because the toe and heel pockets lock you in really well. The pockets are also what set it apart from the Landyachtz Switch!

Regardless of skill level or discipline the Mavet will offer something beneficial to any rider out there! The awesome armageddon graphic was designed by a member of the Daddies’ family and was chosen by the Daddies community to be the one that got printed! The creation of the Mavet was truly a community effort! We kept it limited though so get one while you still can! We only made 200 and they are going to go FAST!

Artwork By: Alex Konstad

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