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Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
    Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck
  • Length:37.00"
  • Width:10.00"
  • Wheelbase:29.00" - 30.00"
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Stiff
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Eastside Rocky Bomber Longboard Skateboard Deck



Quick Overview

This board is an amazing downhill and freeride topmount board that can take bigger wheels!
Grip tape is applied to the top of the deck to provide the rider traction.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Named after one of the dormant volcanoes in the Portland area Rocky Butte. This new version is all about Freeriding and bombing hills. Top Mount and perfectly symmetrical for a variety of setup options and riding styles. Features 2 sets of truck holes (New School pattern) for 2 wheelbase options. Made from 8 plies of extra thick longboard grade Maple veneer that's very durable. Laminated with nontoxic waterproof glue into a mold with 2 inches of flat in the middle with a solid 5/8" plus concave leading up to sharp top edges for maximum leverage on the rails. The Effective Foot Platform (EFP) is 26" which gives you plenty of space to spread your feet out for sliding both standup and crouched, drifting corners, and getting into a nice low downhill tuck. A combination of wheel cutouts and wheel wells allows for a diversity of setups including wheels up to 76mm with no riser for no wheelbite depending on what trucks and hole set you choose.**Now has full length Gas-pedals to leverage your slides with any size stance which also creates a concave width of 9.75".

Recommended Components:
  • Randal R-II 180mm Trucks
  • Abec11 72mm Freerides
  • IDS Oust MOC 7 (Add Spacers!)
  • Daddies Dank Bolts 1.25"
    New version lighter with sweet edges
    Seen a lot of my friends with the old 38" version and loved it. Went to get one last year and found out new one was 37" with same graphic and shape. Eastside added sweet angled edges for your feet to feel the board better and made it even easier to slide than the old one. So glad I waited plus for some reason it feels a good amount lighter even than my friend's. Stoked I waited to get this new one, best longboard I could ever have, so stable for DH and so fun to freeride on steep hills!
    Favorite deck till this very day.
    As soon as you put your feet on this board you notice it has an extremely good feel to it. I use this board for both fast free-ride and downhill and I'm really happy with it. Its' concave keeps me locked in at all times and I know where my feet are at all times, and that's very important especially when you're trusting a board at higher speeds. The board is very lightweight, so when you initiate any type slide you don't feel so much weight on your feet. The board is 37'', so it'snot too big not too small, It's just right. The width is 10'', and although I'm a size 8 1/2 I find no problem doing tricks, or tucking for downhill, more space the better. The board is symmetrical so if you're into switch-tricks you find that you can put your feet exactly how you would put them for your regular stance slides. The graphic is definitely sick, so make sure you don't get it scratched too much. I really love this board and I know if you get it you'll enjoy it too. Don't miss out on it!
    New version even better
    Had the older 38" version back in 2012 as my first board and learned to downhill and slide on it. It got me hooked on longboarding and I've had a few other boards since then. Then I saw this new version and snatched one up here a couple months ago. I was amazed it had a similar feel than the old but just one inch shorter gave it a much more responsive feel at speed. And the new full length gas pedals let me slide the board in whatever stance I'm in. My pre-drifts are locked in now!
    Get this board you wont regret it. Its a tank!
    Best board I've ever had.
    I got this for christmas and I was kind of doubting it because of how cheap it was. I got it, and got use to it in a day. Amazing board, I'd definately recommend it. It hold up pretty well too. Buy this board. You won't regret it.
    Great Board
    The Rocky Bomber is great at handling speed - the mellow concave is enough to keep you locked in without overdoing it. Plenty of real estate for your feet, and the wheel wells are awesome! Great for dh and freeride, but not much else. Overall, I love it!
    Epic Deck
    I just got this deck and didn't expect much because of the price as well as I wasn't familiar with the company. But I got a big surprise, this deck is just insane (in a good way). It doesn't have much flex which I like and slides very well even though it is a wide deck. Very good at DH and the concave is nice and deep so it really locks your feet in there. It's super tough so you really don't have to worry about it hitting a curb. Bottom line Get this deck!!!
    It Bombs, It Slides, It Does It All
    I love this board. No other way to say it. Handles great on pretty much anything. Has a little bit of flex, but not enough to make it wobble at high speeds. nice and wide board with a great concave that locks my feet in well. It works great with all 70 mm wheels, but i'd be careful with 75 mm wheels if you like your trucks really loose - wheelbite occasionally happens. If you like your trucks on the tight side, though, it's not an issue. The different mounting holes make this deck super versatile too. If you like to do tricks (shove its, etc), you can mount the trucks inward to get a very useable nose, but if you're into downhill/freestyle, you can also mount the trucks right at the edges of the nose/tail. fantastic all around board - great first board for people looking to get into freeriding and bombing but still want to push around the city too.
    Well rounded board
    I love this board. There is plenty of foot room which makes the board very stable while riding. The concave shape is great. It takes tight turns with ease. There is also minimal to no flex (I weigh about 165). This makes sliding very stable. All in all this is a great board. I'm very happy with this board and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys free riding or just bombing hills.
    A++ would buy again
    Its wonderful. less flex than my LY switch, i have great leverage over the board, especially near the nose and tail which makes for nice buttery slides. I love the concave, and am running Randal 42 degree trucks with 75mm wheels with no bite, but i am running venom bushings which are a pretty tall bushing. I have not tested DH on this extensively, but i cant possibly see this board disappointing me.
    Rad freeride board
    I've had the chance to ride this board for a couple of years now. The old and new one. I can say that the new board is a large improvement. It has nice wide concave that lock you in and a symmetrical platform that is good for freeriding. If you wanna board that can freeride and downhill. Consider this board!
    New Version - More Concave!!!
    The biggest improvement is the new more aggressive concave. The last review posted here was from the 2010 version. The new version with this graphic has an over an 1/8" more rise with only 2 inches of flat in the middle compared to 4" from the previous version. This makes it way more locked in so your feet never slip even with regular griptape. This deck is really solid and can handle 200 plus pounds with very little flex. Rock it to the rock, best top-mount that can handle wheels up to 75mm with no wheel-bite!
    Extremely Amazing Awesomeness!
    This board is awesome. As soon as I took it out of the box, I could tell that it was quality made. It is surprisingly carvy with my Paris 180mm trucks, but once you get into a downhill tuck, it becomes extremely stable. I have Abec 11 freerides (84a) on my Paris 180mm trucks with DBS abec 7 bearings and couldn't ask for a better setup. A word of advice when you mount your trucks though, don't screw them on to tight or the wood starts to split (no brainer) so be carefull. IF you want to see the kind of hills that I ride on look up "Longboarding: take a walk" on youtube. Thanks Daddies Boards Shop!
    Great Deck
    This deck is one of the few symmetrical topmounts out there and in my opinion one of the finest. The shape is perfect for freeriding with a wide platform to keep you stable and in control. There is plenty of foot space making it very easy to do slide shuvits with. I really enjoy its concave all though some people do not. The concave is mellow rather than aggressive but if you throw on some heavy duty grip tape there should be no problem. The adjustable wheel base is quite delightful and allows you to get your feet real close the trucks and really stretch out those big standups. This is one of the greatest decks out there that you can get for this price so my advise is to go get this deck and bomb some rocks. Peace, Noah.
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