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Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE
Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE

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  • Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE
    Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE
  • Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE
    Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE
  • Size:10"
  • Style:Reverse Kingpin
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Gullwing Stalker Trucks - Rubberized Black 40 DEGREE - SET OF TWO



Quick Overview

Self-dampening trucks that can handle high-speed bombing and freeriding!
New mounting hardware will ensure that your board has a safe and secure ride.
Whether you need different durometers or just want backups, aftermarket bushings are a great way to give your trucks longer life and a fully customized feel.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!

The Gullwing Stalker Trucks feature a patented Vibration Damping System (like bushings in the hanger to cushion your axle) built into the truck hanger that creates an incredibly smooth, quiet ride. The ride is unlike anything you have ever ridden before.

PLEASE help will this fit a drop through deck? I have a switch blade 49 and can't find answers
Trucks ripped off board.
If you slide all the time the inside of the trucks get lose and they just fall off! But good thing I have a warranty.
Inovation and degree of creativity
As much as we see hand made billet trucks this truck is nothing like them. Over the years many have just been the same. Sure they all perform well, handle good, turn great, but when was the first time you saw an attempt at something better? Well Stalker is it... designed and tested for a year before it was made. Not some quick drawn out design and then produced this was created for a purpose to be different and it is way... The next thing to make this a real attention getter I hope is to make it wider!
Awesome trucks. Super smooth and stiff but not stiff. Yellow bushings typically to soft, are firm on these trucks. I like the 40 degrees as well better balance IMO. Also Daddies is the best!
I got the 50/40 degree versions
I bought the 50 degree stalker pros first, loved them so much that I bought some 40's. I have hit 55mph on the 50's, but I had barrels and my trucks really tight. That said, going 45 on 50's is really no problem... BUT, I did end up buying 40's because I wanted to get some more stability. The bushing that they come with are crap, and the spacers are what I like, but I just replaced those, bought some solid spacers from local hardware store (1.5$) and I was good to roll again. The dampening system works really well. I have zero complaints, and I have ridden quite a few other styles of trucks. The 50's are awesome for free riding, much less chatter when sideways.
Downhill dominant
These trucks are fantastic strong trucks for downhill. As great as they are, I threw some 1/4 inch shock pads between my flip tail and the stalkers to make the vibration absorption even better. It results for an absolutely amazing ride. If you want smooth rides get these trucks
didn't like the baseplates, so i put the hangars on my randal baseplates and they work great together! You'll get a more precise truck than ordinary randals or paris!
there is no sich big difference
I have to admit that there is a slight postive difference when absorbing vibrations in comparison with other trucks. When gaining speed the absorption is AMAZING. Thsi truck was built for abec11 gumballs
I love these trucks they are amazing for high speed turns and will tackle any hil. if u want a truck that will make that sharp street turn while you are doin 40 while every one else has to drift get these trucks. PS they will feel a litle weird at first but once you start ride them for a while you will love them. If you want a turnyer truck go with paris 180s or chargers if u want a truck for strictly bombing get smokeys munkaes or bombers if you want something in between get stalkers
Really works
When I pulled them out of the package they smelled funny but when I ride them it's no laughing matter their better than originals and can go stupid fast on any kind of hill Even on sidewalks Thor better than the rest
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