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Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings

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  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
  • Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings
    Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings

Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings


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Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushings

The Aluminum Insert Bushing is one of the most major advancements in bushing technology since the introduction of the double bushing truck! The Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushing allows you to discard the top cup washer that your trucks came with, and crank that king pin nut down directly onto the top of the aluminum bushing with NO BLOW OUTS!

The technology behind the Khiro Aluminum Insert Bushing is amazing. The Aluminum is of High Grade Aircraft Material, and the process is a highly advanced system developed by our engineers.

  • Quantity is for 1 Truck
They take a hard beating
Some of these reviews are really poor and idiotic.
You should give a product a low score because YOU ordered the wrong bushing. These are obviously the small cone bushing and aren't even being sold in the long board bushing section so that should give you a clue on the size of them. The official site has more info on taller and different shapes as well as their best applications.

Now, for my review.
I had gone with my stock indies bushing for about 3 or 4 months now but as soon as the temperatures started hitting 90+ they actually melted after an hour of skating. So I just went to my local skateshop and picked up a pair of Do-dohs. After a day of skating they were already busting out of the sides and shredding around all the edges. I skate with fairly loose trucks and definitely don't crank down on them so the bushing were obviously the problem.

I went to get some Bones bushing with the plastic on top but a buddy of mine who barely skates has gone threw 2 pair in a month or so. I knew they wouldn't last me.

So I bought a pair of these and boy am I completely satisfied with the purchase. They're cheaper then other brand alternatives, withstand heat and very hard skating. They snap back into place very fast with takes some getting used to but they make my skating just so much more satisfying. I don't know why more people skate these.

One thing I noticed (Might not be the same for other people)
Is the hardness is different from how other brands list them and I'd recommend going a bit softer than if you were buying another brands bushing previously.

Best Bushings Ever
I have used these for 5 years. They are the only bushing I have ever bought that don't blow out over extended use. Work perfect in venture low or mid rise trucks. BUY THEM!!!!
These are for regular kingpin trucks!
It seems that a few people have noticed that these bushings are very short, and that it because they are not meant for reverse kingpin trucks like Randal, Paris or Bear. If you have a set of indy's or gullwings then they should work great!
this bushimgs suck!
DO NOT BUY THESE BUSHINGS! they are way to small for longboard trucks i had to double up washers on my paris trucks and the insert goes in halfway into the bushing and cuts it bad, buy another product and do yourself a favor.
Worst Bushings Ever Used
So,although I purchased (and received) a set of the yellow and blue bushings so I could mix them, they barely fulfilled their task as bushings. They acted as a buffer between the baseplate and the hanger but they allowed practically no steering whatsoever. This evaluation is not even in the task of "hard turning" or carving, just gentle turning over a large radius; they could not do it. What doesn't seem clear (and wasn't clear to me) was that there is actually a tapered piece of aluminum that goes into the bushing's depth for about half the thickness of the bushing. Additionally, they are not nearly as tall as they appear in the photos. The basic problem is that the aluminum flange, which is supposed to act as an integrated washer, takes up far too much volume in the bushing cone, and thus restricts the entire purpose of bushings, which is to flex. Furthermore, having cone bushings is primarily to enhance "carviness" because the larger area is where the larger force is applied and the smaller area is where it dissipates. I think, to achieve the same range of motion with your trucks, you would need higher conical bushings, but that doesn't logistically work. SO,unfortunately, I opened them, and put them on to try out in the street, and now they're used and I cannot return them. However, I *have* heard that the double barrel bushings are good. Most likely, when I replace my need to replace my old charger bushings again, I will do so with some Venoms.
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