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Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015

More Views

  • Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
    Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
  • Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
    Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015
  • Length:36.90"
  • Width:8.60"
  • Wheelbase:23.90"
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Medium
  • Cruising
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Push
  • Sliding

Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 Longboard Skateboard Deck - 2015



Quick Overview

The Landyachtz Drop Carve is a freestyle board that shows the true versatility you can get out of a longboard. The symmetrical shape makes this board an amazing freeride setup while also being great for all of your freestyling as well. Whether you're doing standup slides or slide shuvs, the Landyachtz Drop Carve can be ridden any which way with ease. And when you pop out your tiger claws and pop tricks, the board can be switched around without an issue. Being made of the bamboo core and fiberglass layers, this board is flexy while being snappy and stable. Letting you have a forgiving and soft ride without losing any responsiveness or stability. The shorter Drop Carve coming in at 37 inches makes this board perfect for giving you an extra nimble ride as well as extra responsiveness around corner.
Used to keep the bolts on your board nice and tight and/or to assemble the board.
Lubricant and cleaning kits are used to keep the bearings in the wheels turning quickly and smoothly; if this is your first board, these upgrades are not necessary. Make sure you love to ride first!
Drop Thru shock pads, while not required to enjoy your ride, are a great way to remove unwanted vibrations from the road.

The Landyachtz Drop Carve 37 is the all around shred machine. Suited for freeriding, freestyle, and all around cruise. This board is made in a fiberglass and bamboo construction for a very light and durable ride. The Landyachtz Drop Carve has a symmetrical shape perfect for freeriding, no matter which way you ride, your board will ride the exact same. Coming in two different sizes, the Drop Carve 37 is the shorter of the two for a more nimble and agile ride.

Couldn't ask for a better board
Quite simply, it does everything. I have the longer 40 inch version, so certain things may not apply to this one, but many will. Tighten up your trucks for some great downhill action (I don't do TOO much downhill, but from what I've done its great) I currently use it for cruising and commuting, and in my opinion, this is where the board shines, as it is more comfortable than your favorite chair. I'm getting into sliding, and its works great for that as well. The fiberglass can splinter a bit, and the bamboo isn't the toughest material, but nothing that will effect the board too much (you'll just shed a tear or too, because this board is gorgeous). Whether its your first board, or your 1000th, I recommend this board with all my heart, sweat and soul that I've put into it.
Hey im a beginner at longboarding and I have a switch 35,but because of the small wheel base and heavy frame i was wondering if i should get this,I can only do hands down slides at this point wanna learn how to standy,help?
Great Board!
Picked this baby up at a local skateshop. I love the flex it's got (I weigh 135, not that tall...) and it carves like a beauty! The wheelbase isn't the best, but I have a narrow stance coming from small cruiser decks. The drop-through mounting makes it super easy to push! Great board for cruising and carving, have yet to try sliding on it yet...

Current Setup:
- Paris 180mm Adam Colton
- Bones Reds
- Orangatang 4President 80a 70mm
Loving it!
The standing platform of this board is very tiny so if you're a bigger person, go with the 40'. As for performance I love this board. The springy flex feels great but isn't overbearing. The fiberglass loves to splinter but that isn't really much of a problem if you wear some slide gloves (and considering the freeride nature of this board, I don't know why you wouldn't be). Downhill seems to be a bit of a problem with this board as you can get some really sketchy speed wobbles ~30 mph but if you tighten your trucks you should be okay for bombing the occasional hill. The kicks are a dream and the 'W" concave really locks you in well. Overall, I love this board.
Nimble little buddy
This board is light , and I have had no problems with it breaking or tearing apart as others say. I've been riding it for almost a year now. I don't know if Landyachtz will keep on manufacturing this little baby. It''s a quite fun and agile, of course there are other boards for some disciplines of riding, but a good for all-around riding.
about it
A great board i love it undescribebly great what you see is what you get and im very pleased the only problem i have with it is its very sensitive to wear and tear cracks and razor tail so head over to bomb squad and get nose guards if you do this board will be the best thing youll ever had ridin.
Amazing board but a little thin
This board is the best shape I've ever ridden. The nose and tail allow for you to do more precise tricks (manuals, shove its, flip tricks, grinds etc) but you still have the feeling of a longboard. I've been hitting spots/parks I usually use my normal skateboard for on this thing and it's awesome. Carving a bowl and skating street courses feels great and gives you a different way to experience a park. The guy who said it's not good for ollies probably hasn't reached that skill level yet (no offense, been skating 12 years). The only thing I don't like about this board is that it's very flimsy and if you land hard on the nose or tail it could snap. Be careful when riding parks and such to land with your feet near the trucks. Got a few sketchy creaks/cracks from it learning how to ride this thing. Decent for downhill if you tighten up your trucks a bit. Very small mid section so I would not recommend downhill if you're new to skating. Great board overall, best for cruising, park skating and freestyle.
More for freestyle than freeride to me
So I got this board about 5 months ago and the whole time I have loved it. The length was perfect for me (I'm 5'9") and it was really flexible. It has nice little kickers for shuvits and pressure flips, and if you can pop it hard enough it will ollie or 180. My one problem with this deck is the concave, there really isn't any...I bought this deck from Longboard Loft in NYC and honestly I didn't know there was a W concave until like a month or two later (since I didn't see the online specs saying there was a W concave). This kinda disappointed me when I tried to use it for freeriding. Despite the lack of concave (to me) it is a superb freestyle deck with some freeride capabilities. If you want a good commuter and freestyle deck then get this one, you'll love it.
Awesome for 2 months! then broke...
So after two months of non abusive riding, two huge cracks right by drop thru mounts... It was fun while it lasted, but doesn't matter if it is this unbelievably fragile. Very very disappointed
I'm an old washed up skateboarder that never became that great, but I still loved skating. After being away from the whole skateboarding scene for a great while I decided to start up again. I bought a lowlife longboard for just crusing around town, but felt something was missing. Started to look around for a board and came across this one, and I love it! Fits my riding perfectly. Again I'm in love with riding a board. I have begun to advance my riding, and its just pure fun!
does nobody love this board but me!?
Great performance, Bad durability
I got this board roughly around 2 months ago. I got it to practice slides, checks, and especially tricks. The deck is extremely lightweight, great for on the go. Its really fexy but can hold alot of weight. The tails are alright. They offer extra footing, you can tailbreak, but despite its length. It's not good for ollies, even though they have pop. I strongly recommend noseguards! After continuously tailbreaking, I eventually got razor tail. This unfortunately makes the tail extremely vulnerable to big*ss chips and splitting in between the fiberglass and maplewood. Noseguards (Best found from BOMBSQUAD) will drastically extend the decks life expectancy. After 2 months I found tons of pressure cracks, especially in between tails and the effective platform, and inside of the drop-thru holes. This deck is great for carving, 180's, power slides, and checks. If you plan on going downhill, it's effective platform is small so it'll be challenging to have a stable tucking position, or wide stance
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